Name the song: The question is not when hes gonna stop, but who is going to stop him

“The question is not when hes going to stop, but who is going to stop him”

The quote is from the movie Vanishing Point, but was sampled in some electronic song but I can never quite think of what it is. I want to think it’s Crystal Method, but google doesn’t bring up any sort of relation there. At best I can say it’s something that sounds kinda like Crystal Method…

Anybody know what song I’m talking about?

Oh yea, its not from the Primal Scream album based on the movie.

Jungle Brothers. C’MON SON you’re already on the internet.

I don’t think its the jungle brothers. It’s not a rap song, theres no lyrics/verses really… just the sampled line from the movie repeated over and over… maybe it was on the pendulum essential mix…

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Leads me to bing after searching.

First link? My BF says he’s going to Fist me tonight? - Yahoo

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“Whats Going On” LOL

That song is from the Crystal method Community service remix album.

Sounds like a quote from Ayn Rand: ?The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.?

2 years later, I still hadn’t found the song. Googled it again today, and I’m brought back to this thread. Thanks!

I registered just to comment… The song name is Koma & Bones - Speedfreaks off the crystal method - community service 2, album

Show me how to live - Audioslave

It’s what the radio announcer states at the start and is the theme of the song, really.