Name Change Thread

Is this still going on?? I remember seeing the Alert but now I can’t find it anymore

ill open it up to the UK today.

Here you go Wiz… 0933322784363754R.

Thanks, its 2XD24641JH672532E

Please change my name to Abhi

Name changes went out for all people who listed their email address or transaction Id in this thread.

So i messed up and bought from the normal SRK store and not the evo store. I spent more than $20. Go me?

Transaction ID: 0BN03201XK665240X

I’d like to have my name shortened to just Shinryu.

Transaction ID: 0LB885522M753961T
Name Change: Kuya_Joe

I’d Like to go from Shiro_420 to Shiro420
I don’t recall why i even have the _ in there

also idk what my transaction number is

If you bought stuff recently via MrWiz’s alerts…the ID is in the PayPal receipt email.
Top right I think.

the only thing i got is a registration for evo. Maybe i was invited by mistake oh wells

Please change to: Phreakazoid

For some reason I misplaced my transaction number, but I paid with the email

Transaction ID #10H38940W88653505

Not quite sure how I got here, but if you could change my name to BattleJoe it would be much appreciated.

I just got this alert. If still possible, I’d love to have my username changed to my gamertag, Th3 Greench. I bought Evo 2008 DVDs when they were available, in fact I only ordered 1 disc but MrWizard gave me both :slight_smile: Or a lucky mistake…ha ha, thanks either way!

Transaction ID: 5UE81338YY762523R
Name Change: Gummo

Neither can I. I’d like to order and get the namechange, but cannot for the life of me see the alert even when selecting “Show All” and there’s nothing on the SRK homepage, SRK’s facebook or anywhere here on the forums about it besides this post.

I know it’s ordering from the EVO store, but don’t remember any details including whether I have to use a promo code and how much the minimum to spend is (Which I assume is $20 due to a poster mentioning $20 on first page of this topic)

Any chance someone can copy/pasta the Alert here for those of us who can no longer see it?

I found it, Its NAMECHANGE

Transaction # = 6EL65924SS448141S
Name Change = Kreative Mente

transaction id: 7H721518N0972151A
name change: N!NE

So when does this take place??