Name Change Thread

please change mine to “Dru Breezy”

change my user name to

change mine to NFORCER and yes all caps.

Change me to


Thanks =]

Would like to have name changed to FingerCramp

Bought Evo bag, went to evo bought shirts lol

This is Awesome Btw

Hey there - I’d like to have my username changed to “Rothion”.

Thanks in advance.

so please change to Abhi

Please change my name to:


Transaction ID: 200128318

Thanks a bunch!

Please change my name to BerlinCalling.

So when is this name Change suppose to take in affect?

I would like mines changed to Mr. Unequivocal. Thanks in advance!!!

I would like mines changed to Mr.Unequivocal. Thanks in advance!!!

please edit your posts and put in the transaction number or your email that you paid with so i can validate everyones orders.



Done as well

This thread is not for people who bought stuff in the past, its for people who buy new stuff this month using the discount code in your alert.


when I try to buy the $50 shirt, it wont allow me to pass the checkout stage even when I put name change and get a $0.50 discount and try to ship to UK

I updated my post.

Transaction ID: 2TV077176X269310X

Would like my name changed to Nick Kage

Can somebody help me as everytime i try to check out the page doesnt progress and I want a name change