Namco TE-S/Club Namco Cookyness

Posting this to see if anyone has had a similar experience/what to expect…

Long story short a few months ago I bought the all black Namco TE-S and fell in love with it. I decided to try to find another and was surprised to find them actually “IN STOCK” on the Club Namco official site.

So, I ordered one last week and just got this nutty email today…
Thank you for ordering from Namco Bandai Games America on May 25, 2012. The following product(s) have shipped. If you paid by credit card, your credit card has now been charged.

When your order was sent to the warehouse for fulfillment,*** the product was no longer available and has been substituted with a similar product of equal or greater value***.

Product SKU Product Name Qty Ordered Qty Shipped Total Qty Shipped Amount

S112-00-006 0S112-00-006- 1 1 1 $219.52

Shipment and Billing Details:
Order Number: xxxxxxxxxxx
Order Date: May 25, 2012
Tracking URL:

Basically YAY it’s been shipped, then “it’s out of stock BUT we substituted it with something else” in the very next paragraph…
While I wait for them to get back to me ,
Anyone have any experience with this?

I know they still have them in stock. It might just be an error message from their fulfillment center.

Thanks. It just blows because the tracking info was left blank. Will either be pleasantly surprised when a mystery box appears or will be dealing with credit card refund hell. I def. have been charged so I’m hoping for the best.

Maybe the " fighting edge" :slight_smile:

Haha yeah right? I don’t think club Namco is associated with that stick though. Lol that would be funny as hell though.

Well over the last year Namco has been restructuring their company and fired like 90% of their employees… i wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t even know wtf was going on.

Just got a new email with a tracking #. Box weight? 3lbs. Lol. This should be great. I’m betting I get the Tekken Hybrid artbook and no stick.

I would be uber-pissed if this happened to me. Here’s hoping they come through.

Filthierich was actually nice enough to email me and ask for exact details, said he’d find out the scoop for me…Nice to see someone going that extra mile. Box is supposed to arrive Thurs now.

Sorry u got to go through that. Hope fully they give you tag 2 for the wait and then make u another namco stick that will be coo.u can always hope right…

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Box arrived today safe and sound :slight_smile: Phew :slight_smile:

Filthie as an awesome dude…met him at mlg Dallas over a year ago and he’s definitely for th community just like markman…glad everything worked out bro.

He really was very nice for offering to look into it for me. Good shit. The best part of this whole thing is that I bought a different Namco TE-S a few months ago from EBay from a seller who claimed it was “NEW”. When I got it the box was sorta dinged up and while the stick didn’t look played on, you could tell it wasn’t “NEW” because the buttons were a little scuffed and the cord was all bent and twisted. It really bummed me out because I bought it with the intention of displaying it in my little museum here. The one that arrived today is flawless, the box is crisp and clean and the stick itself is perfect, no little annoying scuffs etc. Very happy and relieved :slight_smile: Thanks everyone for the kind words of support and BIG props to Filthie.

What did you think of the packaging? It’s my favorite packaging for any stick Mad Catz has made yet. It’s just so CLEAN.

It’s beautiful. My fav. colors are black/red so it automatically speaks to me. The box is awesome, makes it feel like it’s some secret/serious business. Also just received a boxed/near mint Namco PSX stick today so the two are living side by side on the shelf :slight_smile: Pics posted below!