Namco stick?

New to stick modding, well sticks all together in honesty. But just purchased a namco stick from ebay (grey and yellow). I dont know much about this stick although I have heard favourable comments about it for a stock stick.
Now what I want is some recommendations in regard to modifying this stick, buttons etc. I not only want it to look more individual (button colour etc) but also if possible react slightly better. Now as I same Im a complete noob by my own admission so help and links would be appreciated, btw IM in the Uk, so companies over here would be cool for parts and stuff.
Only thing ive picked up is that OBSF-30 ?! buttons fit, are these snap in or screw in ?
what else should i do etc etc

snap in buttons will fit well.

what do you mean react better?

Sorry, I meant to make it more responsive to button presses and joystick motions.

Level 3- Thanks for the link