NAMCO STICK (NPC-102) Button Switches

This is my last shot to find replacement button switches for a Namco NPC-102 from 1996(all info on sticker on bottom) before i just get some jp style screw-on-type buttons for a mod. It would be much easier(and cheaper) to just replace the switches. The switches have pins soldered directly to the PCB and a male slotted plunger. Rectangular switch size snaps into button bottom.

I have checked,, and w/ no luck:sad:

Any elec engineers out there know of a place or a similar replacement switch? I know it’s a long shot, but i thought it was worth a try? Or even more unlikely, does Namco sell replacement parts?


The switches are Tokai brand, model MM9-1:

Seimitsu uses these for Mahjong buttons and since they’re in the Seimitsu catalog you could get them from Akihabarashop.

Wow, Thanks a lot. I emailed aki and am waiting for a response. Thanks again.