Namco Arcade Stick owners... help!

Since I can’t use my modded SE on my computer (damn you, Madcatz,) I’m forced to use this old Namco stick. The buttons are all right, but the stick, however, is pretty bad. I don’t know if it’s just due to the age or what, but it’s just generally difficult to use. I’m finding it nigh-impossible to do double QCF motions (which are essential for damn near every Super Art in 3s) and it’s just mushy in general. Is there anything I can do to the stick to improve its performance? I don’t want to drop a JLF in it, because, quite frankly, I’m probably never going to use this stick again after my PS3 is fixed.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I’m open to anything that doesn’t involve replacing it altogether. It’d just be a waste of money for me.

Spend $10 on a VIA USB card so that your SE stick will work. Cheaper than a Sanwa mod for your Namco stick.

I can’t do that. I use a MacBook and I boot into Windows via BootCamp.