Nak's best crossups?

It’s been my experience that Nakoruru’s dive super, the one in which she jumps up on that there hawk first, serves really well as a technique to perform on an opponent who’s waking up from their little dirt nap. I also use her fireball as a way to force a block so that I can rush at them. Nako-chan works best in your face.
Are there any other good crossups that can be performed? I do face Iori a lot, along with Terry, Mai, Blanka, and Ken.

That trick of yours with the super shouldn’t be working. People even minutely aware of Nako’s moves will see the flash, block and punish. Plenty of her moves, crossups and mixups are already mentioned in the other Nak threads, but to answer your question directly is her “good” crossup.

Ahh. And what about an okizeme-type wakeup game? The fireball and dive attack from the hawk seem to work really well.

Those moves are different, and only the bird mount fireball is really safe. The dive attack can be punished so hard. It’s only saving grace is that it’s fast and hard to react too. It’s not something I’d do too much, maybe a random one once or twice a round to keep the blood flowin because used that way it’s almost free damage.
For it to be used consistently is just asking for punishment.
It IS a good fast move though, just don’t use it to the point where your opponent will see it coming and you’re golden. Like use more fireballs then mix that up with the dive.

About the super, it’s nowhere near as fast as the dive. The flash gives it away, as well as gives the opponent time to block. The distancing involved makes it possible to block, as the super is hardly “instant” like Sagat’s hotfoot or Rolento’s low jump strong to lvl 3 tripwire trick.

Once you corner them by all means use the fireball and dive attack to mixup, as well as your run-o-the mill walk up jab, jab, walk up counterhit jab link sweep xx super, mixup with throw, low jump HK link s.lp xx ground slide, etc.

Center of the screen is where Nak’s crossups come into play, and you set all those up with her B&B, which is x 2, xx qcd+P (the varying strengths give slightly different mixups)

Kinda random but… Is anyone gonna do Nakoruru’s Wiki? I would help but I don’t know enough about her to do it alone…

I lost all my data on her.
Dunno maybe I’d start it. Those wiki’s take a lot of work and dedication to complete or even to begin on a good foot so as to get others to contribute.

That’s the truth. I wouldn’t even know where to start on that shit.

I have an idea, as I kinda jump started a number of them though the only one that sorta went anywhere is probably Hibiki. Looks like a number of people helped with that.

This thread though is a great place to start scrying information, actually the entirety of Nak’s threads, seperate the good from the bad, note her notable matchups if any, especially vs the top tiers.

etc. etc.