Naki Stick, is wireless to wired possible? And a few other issues

I have the Naki Arcade stick for ps2/xbox

I’m wondering if it is possible to first:
Make this thing a wired controller rather than wireless

mod it to work on 360, and ps2 both.

I realize doing this will be a hard task, especially when I have little experience with anything like this, though I am hoping that my uncle will be able to help out.

Also later I may think of changing out parts, but that is more of a case of I’m not sure how much difference they would make, so anyone who can support putting different parts in can mention it.

The dual modding part I did see a topic for, my problem is mainly trying to figure out if I can make it wired first.

And changing the buttons and stick is not as much as a priority, mainly put in to make note of possible future plans.

I did not see any topics on the wireless to wired issue though, so I apologize if I missed it when searching.

Thank you to anyone who can help, though I have a lot of doubt altogether about this

It’s doable to make it wired.

Hack a new, wired PS2 pad and hook everything up to a common ground 360 PCB.

That’s the kind of answer you’re looking for, right?

Whatever way possible to make this wired ps2, and yes a 360 PCB.

I have a 3rd party ps2 pad I don’t need, that has a spring loose on the analog stick, that will work to make this wireless stick wired correct?

Mainly I’m looking for a bit of guidance as someone new to all this as well of how doable this project would be.