from casshern. this is what happens when you don’t practice!

Looks cool man, I can tell that this one was done pretty quick. How long did it take ya? And Casshern is so Hot! When he first got his suit and aced those robots on the street, I was like Woah. And that one dude that he fights when its black an white was cool as hell too, what was his name?

The guy he fought was Barashin. he even said his name lol. I think thsi took 30 min. Longer than it should be. I went back and redid alot of things.

Barashin. yea, I knew it started with a “B” Hit us up with some Casshern in his armour pics.

I still have yet to see Casshern…

Looking good so far. Don’t forget to change up your hues, man.

Waits for Barashin

my name is…

baraSHIN licks sword

I have no idea what Casshern is. Guys in funky outfits and suits wielding swords can’t be all bad though :slight_smile:

Awesome DFists! Barashin was the man. You did a nice job on the feathers on his suit and good varitey of tones in his face.

nice dfist, cesshern was pretty good, action scenes could of been a little better imo, or more of them. I had to watch it twice because story confused the fuck out of me. I like it though, do the sexy asian neo next~!@!

i already did.

Good shyt mang!

Yeah, man. Just need a little more saturation and hue changes and you’re set! :tup:

Man the one with the sword is my fav. Really nice background. This style is moving more towards realisim. Do you still do those awesome badass crazy Comic art foreshorted pieces?

…All three of them look great but I really like the first one…

First of all, when the heck did you move to Vietnam Mr agent orange. Well trhe second one is my fav as well. you are getting better. only thing I could see you working on is color choice and structure. You got everything else down pretty good. Not bad for an f.o.b.

you know, if it weren’t for this art, i would’ve never seen casshern.