Nagata Lock Down Results (CvS2 & MvC2)

Pretty good turnout. Thanks to everyone that attended…

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (20 Entrants)

1st - Ratio1Beatdown
2nd - Nagata Lock II
3rd - Shadowfighta
4th - Danny
5th - Gerjay 2001
5th - Omnidragon
7th - EX Matt
7th - Noodleman
9th - Darkdragon
9th - Ultimate Rugal
9th - DaflipmastaXV
9th - Sauvastika
13th - Dogberry
13th - Gatsby
13th - Low Tier Tyrell
13th - YellowS4
17th - Jiggabry
17th - Crazy Penguin
17th - Jordan
17th - The Cate

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 (18 Entrants)

1st - Jiggabry
2nd - Darkdragon
3rd - Gerjay 2001
4th - Jordan
5th - Omnidragon
5th - EX Matt
7th - Low Tier Tyrell
7th - Ratio1Beatdown
9th - Shadowfighta
9th - Noodleman
9th - Crazy Penguin
9th - DaflipmastaXV
13th - Danny
13th - Nagata Lock II
13th - Sauvastika
13th - Gatsby
17th - Dogberry
17th - The Cate

GG’s to everyone. I had a great time and I hope you did too. :slight_smile:

Hah… just for the record, Ken and I had to leave so we forfeited our spots! I woulda got 2nd if I won loser’s final match but we left. Nagata you scammer!

ps. Where was ST? I was gonna win the tournament.

No one really knows what would have happened if you guys stayed. Like I said in my log, odds are I would have beaten Ken anyway. I have issues with you in tournaments so our names would probably be reversed in the standings.

ST got started and then died. No one could agree to use PS controller and the PS sticks were being used to play Guilty Gear XX. You weren’t going to win jack. Odds are Kevin or Roger would have won.

congrats roger:cool:

what teams were used in cvs2?

thanks popoblo… hmmm from what I remember

Myself - (C Guile, Eagle, Sagat R2), (C Guile, maki, Sagat R2), (C Guile, RYU, Sagat R2), (K Ryu, Cammy, Sagat R2)

Nagata - (C Kim, Vega R2, Guile)

Danny - (K Athena, Bison, Sagat)

Shadowfighta - (C Chunli, Blanka, Sagat R2) (A sakura, blanka, Bison R2)

Gerjay - (A Blanka, Eagle, Bison r2)

Omni D - (C cammy, sagat r2, chunli), (N chunli, sagat r2, blanka)

Exmatt (K Ryo, Sagat, ?), (a sakura, hibiki r2, Rolento),

thats all i can remember

If anybody cares to know, I used Blanka/Eagle/Bison in one match the whole tourney… for the rest it was mainly Sak/Blanka/Bison for some reason. . .

Also I had to forfeit my match against Danny, so I could have gotten higher…

Dont forget what The Cate used!!

He didnt win, but he was sandbagging.

And for the record I think Ken would of beaten Nagata but who cares cause it was all for fun anyways. Money Match it at Metro!!

Matt the cate used c groove man

C = Cate groove

Oh ya, fuck. . .

He should of used K-groove since thats cole’s groove.

wow pretty good

too bad dat’s not gonna happen on the 7th. :evil:

ur right, someone else could get 2nd!:eek:


bahhh gerjay i owned u with the cate the first time what makes u think u would beat me in a rematch!

Maybe cause you didnt put an MvC2 tourney in the title of the thread ??