N-groove block cancel into special thingie

i’ve seen allot of players in N-groove do this. When they are blockin attacks they press roll and flash and get out of the blocking and immediately counter attack. ex. rolento is jabbin yama like crazy, yama does the block cancel thing and does a sand kick to knock rolento away. Now…i’ve been trying forever and i cannot cancel the “block roll” with a sand kick. i dunno if i’m doin the sand kick too slow, or if there’s something else im supposed to do. plz help.

U don’t actually cancel it with the special itself. It’s an automatic effect of the groove. All u do is press forward+mp+mk, after u block.

ooooo ic, thnx a ton. i would have never guessed it was that simple.:slight_smile:

I have a different question, sorry for thread hijack, but IS it technically possible to roll cancel the counter roll? I’m not so great with rc, so just wondering

That makes no sense at all. All ur basically asking is if u can RC a roll, which serves no purpose.
Sorry, but it’s true.

I understand, but I am have no idea to tell the truth. My opinion would be no. Why go through the trouble of trying anyways when you can just do a counter attack. If it was possible to cancel the counter roll into an attack I think people would be already using it as a counter with blanka against A-sakura…

So, according to this article–no.

From James Chen’s Systems/Combo Guide:

Counter Movement
(N-Groove Only)

This Groove Sub-System comes straight out of KOF’s Advanced Mode.
Basically, it’s like a Counter Attack, but instead of doing a fixed
Counter Attack, you physically move yourself out of Block Stun. And
with Counter Movement, you have a choice: you can either go forward or

To perform a forward Counter Movement, block an attack and then
hold Towards and hit Jab (LP) and Short (LK) at the same time. To
perform a backwards Counter Movement, block an attack and then hold
Back and hit Jab (LP) and Short (LK) at the same time. Counter
Movement, just like Counter Attack, is performed at the cost of a one
"Ball" from the N-Groove Super Meter. Also, you do lose some Guard
Meter, just like Counter Attacks.

When you perform a forward Counter Movement, you go into an
instant Roll. Whatever your Roll animation is and whatever the Roll’s
distance is, that’s exactly what you do with a forward Counter
Movement. That means that if the enemy does a Super against you and
you perform a Counter Movement going forward, you can escape
everything they do because it is invincible at the beginning. You
will just Roll forward safely through their attack.
However, the vulnerability still exists at the end of the Counter
Movement, and if you end up next to the opponent and they are
recovered, they can easily punish you for trying to do a Counter

Backwards Counter Movements cause you to simply perform a
backwards Dash. However, backwards Dashes have no invincibility
normally. Backwards Counter Movements are almost the same. They DO
have some invincibility, but only the SLIGHTEST fraction of a second
of invincibility. But generally, trying to utilize the invincibility
is pointless because that invincible period is SO short. So
performing a backwards Counter Movement to avoid Supers is a bad idea.
Chances are you’ll get hit anyhow. This is mainly used to escape
pressure tactics or for positioning. Don’t bet on it being used to
pass through attacks. But since it is a backwards Dash, if whatever
hits you cannot Juggle afterwards, you’re safe, because you’ll be
knocked into the air instead of remaining grounded.

Because Counter Attacks have little invincibility, sometimes
performing a forward Counter Movement is the best way to avoid being
defeated by Block Damage from a Level 3 super. For example, if Chun
Li does a Level 3 Hoyokusen (the Thousand Burst Kick-like Super) and
causes you to block it, chances are a Counter Attack will just end up
eating the Super or trading with it because of little invincibility.
But if you perform a Counter Movement, you can Roll right through Chun
Li and then attack her from the other side.

Be careful: Counter Movement is performed with the same buttons
as a Roll. Quite often, your intention is to Roll through an enemy’s
attack but the enemy attacked sooner than you thought. So you Block
the enemy’s attack, and then hit Jab (LP) and Short (LK) in an attempt
to Roll. Instead, you end up performing a backwards Counter Movement
because you don’t need to TAP Back and hit the buttons. Just holding
the joystick at Back works, so you end up all but wasting your Super
Meter and drain a chunk of your own Guard Meter. This little "glitch"
in the design of Counter Movement has even turned some people away
from N-Groove.

A quote would be good for lazypeople who dont want to read the whole thing :smiley:

I believe he meant can you cancel the counter roll into a special move (does it have the same properties as a roll that it can be roll cancelled).

its cool, i got what i wanted

Is there anyway possible to do a super, juggling the oppoent after preforming a Gaurd Cancel Attack?