Mythos and Hellgate. Finally un-Flagshipped in the NA?

To those who do not remember, Mythos and Hellgate: London are two dungeon crawling MMOs that were being developed by Flagship Studios. Flagship Studios went bankrupt after HG:L was poorly received (rightfully so, the game was nowhere near finished when the publisher’s release deadline arrived). Mythos never made it out of CBT, but apparently it was fun. After going bankrupt, the Mythos development team (formerly the Diablo development team, and currently the Torchlight development team) created Runic Games.

Korean game company, HanbitSoft, gained control of the Mythos and Hellgate intellectual properties. They gave Hellgate the overhaul and tuning that it desperately needed, then re-released it in what was considered to be one of the most successful Korean MMO game launches in years. They also finished Mythos (while taking it in a slightly different direction than originally was planned). Mythos developed into a marriage of dungeon crawling and traditional MMOs. This means that leveling is driven by questlines, which leaves you running around as much as you are killing.

Mythos has not seen a NA release yet (and the NA website has not been updated in a year), but the development team released a statement in January that they will have the game out ASAP. The NA development team sent all their resources to the EU in order to get the EU version out first. As a result, the EU version was released at the end of April and it does not have a US IP block. Don’t worry about lag from playing on the EU servers. I’ve been playing the game, and I have yet to encounter lag while in a dungeon (they are instanced and, I believe, hosted through the party leader). Though, there is a little lag while traversing the overworld.

Hellgate began its NA CBT yesterday. The initial release will include the first major expansion Hellgate: Tokyo.

Mythos Europe –

Hellgate –

I thought Mythos was “ok” back when I first play it.
However, if they changed it up quite a bit, I’m willing to see what they fixed.

I’ll check into it! :slight_smile:

I actually enjoyed my short time with Hellgate: London, despite the bugs and general mess when playing with friends. If it’s doing the free to play model I’d check it out.

I feel the same way. Especially if there have been significant improvements. I can’t find info on what they improved/changed, but it is supposed to make the game much better.


I told myself I would never do another f2p with cash shop MMO ever again

but fuck

Currently the cash shop only includes things like experience bonuses, teleports to towns, stat reset potions, and skill reset potions (this can be done in-game without real cash, but at an increasing cost each time you do it).

DLing as we speak.

took a while to get this game going, the patching took an hour and i had to mess around on their website to get my account actually working

when do i get deckard cain to ID items for me for free

The installer for Mythos sucks. It destroyed my computer resources. The patcher wasn’t that bad though.

No one IDs items for free. You have to pay 30 Copper per ID and it sucks. You don’t even get items that sell for that much when you’re early in the game. The best thing is just to break down all unidentified items.

Also, I have three low-level uniques that I"ll give away if someone can use them. I don’t remember the names, but one is a low damage 1-handed melee weapon that adds mana (called the Grim…something). One is a wand, and one is a crossbow. BTW, when I say low-level…I mean like less than 10.

EDIT: Oh, always open the Master Chest of a dungeon, they usually have at least 1 Identify Charm in them. Also, early on it is best to just get a minion ability (every class has one) and keep putting points into it until you have the max amount of minions. This way, you aren’t constantly casting spells, which means you don’t waste as much money on mana potions. Plus, you can always respec later.

Skill Resets under Level 10 are free.

was a fun romp for a while, then I hit the point where you need to grind

I’m not down to sink anymore time into a character on a Euro server that I’ll probably have to discard when NA gets their version.

Yeah, the grinding sucks because monster EXP is so low. The next update is going to include daily quests (3 per day). So, once that is released, you can just hop on and do your 3 quests, then hop off. Repeat this till you gain a couple levels and are back to the questing levels.

SO… is Mythos any good?

NA version wasn’t released. UK version just got closed down.


And Hellgate, while great thematically, does get a trifle tedious in the end game.

But so does every loot game.

That won’t stop me from playing the hell out of D3.

Any more than it stopped me from attaining a 55/25 BM, 50/15 Guardian, and 55/15 MM in Hellgate Global.

Did you do Hellgate?