Mystic Stare Loops?

(First post on SRK o3, yay!)
Hey I’m just curious if anyone could possibly help me with Mystic Stare loop combos.
I’m aware there are different versions of these loops but they all have a general foundation that is the same.
And also If you don’t know what combos I’m talking about, it’s the ones that all the BEST shuma players use (such as the main two Shuma players, Moons and Tonosama, if you need a reference).
An example of the combo (And if this combo is incorrect/ this version is wrong, forgive please):
M, cr.M, cr.H, S, *j.M, *QCF.H, M, CR.H, Mystic Stare M , S, *M, *M, *H, *S, CR.H, Mystic Stare.M, S, *H, *S, Mystic Ray Heavy, Mystic Stare.M, QCB.2ATK, *S, QCB.2ATK.

Now my issue is Connecting the crouching heavy into the mystic stare medium. Such as the first rep of the loop when connecting the Standing M to the crouching H into the Mystic stare without the stare missing because they are to high up. Is this a time problem on my end, or can someone tell descriptively how to do a copy of the combo I posted play by play. Much appreciated everyone oD

The bold part? If that’s where the trouble lies then it’s because you need to do Mystic Stare L. The M version doesn’t have enough frame advantage.

The combo at 2:58 seems to be the one you’re looking for. (I knew I made that video for some reason)

Holy moley, that’s exactly what I needed to see! Thank you VERY much man o3, Getting out the lab coat and goggles because I’m going to take this to the lab when I get back from work and try this new style out!

Whenever I do that particular combo I can’t get the eye explosion to combo