Myspace Coding

Is there a way to add a code to when you’re adding a game in your profile, the sound is enabled, but you want to disable it to have your e-radio on?

Like… I want to add this game Overrun 2 in my profile, but I also have the e-radio player in my profile. Is there a myspace to disable the GAME sound?


SRK = fighting games. Seriously, myspace is something really popular, but does this relate?

I’ll give him props for atleast posting in the tech talk forum. But my god I hate myspace.

Yeah well I thought since this was “Tech Talk”, I could have the ability to talk beyond fighting games. I just want the code or if anyone knows a way to shut the sound off.

It’s allowed, because we have nothing better to do. But everyone will still hate you if you do :).

instead of making fun of you i’ll try to help you.

i’m assuming the game is flash based, so i dont think theres anything you can do to stop the game sound when it loads up, aside from editing the source for the game itself.


Sweet you have MySpace! What’s your address???