Myspace and our future

cool huh?’

should this be in the video section?



I would just beat him up, I have no problem soning someone at that level.

I couldn’t bare to watch the entire video with that kid shrieking all the fucking time…I pray this video was a joke.

Here’s something to add to your thread title:

Also, someone linked me the extended version of that psycho myspace kid…and wow…did not want…it had “yes homo” content…:shake:

:rofl: My ears. :sad:

I thought I blew out my speakers.



Why haven’t his parents perfomred a late term abortion on him. This is what replacing beatings with Ritalin does to your kids.

Nothing worse than ginger wiggers.

and this is the result of parents not beating their kids. If I acted like that at that age I would be beaten to death. If parents won’t beat the hell out of their kids, we need an organization that will do it for them.

Oh god, just saw the video on another site. What a freakin brat! Of course his older brother and his stupid freinds are also provoking the whole thing. But seriously, if he was my younger brother and he was talking to me like that, I’d smack him upside the head.

I had to turn it off fast
the kid screaming hurt my ears.

But that is funny