I got Mysims for the Nintendo Wii last week and its a really great game I didnt think it could live up the original sims games with its cartoon style but it gives the characters more of a 3D effect and they look so cute.
I cant wait to try out the DS version too.

What do you think of Mysims?

For which console do you have it for?

well i got it as a gift and i have to say that i hate it ( have to stop hanging out with ppl who give sims games as presents id rather not get a present at all)
i have hated sims games all my life but none as much as this one
theres no meter system to tell you your needs, your sim does not need to sleep or eat
and theres no wifi which is gay
so basically its animal crossing but for retards and no wi-fi

i will say however that i was surprised at how good sims 2 castaway was. like i said i have always hated the sims games but this one is actually entertaining pick it up for wii or ps2 its all good.

ps: this is the thread for online, post in the wii thread (

well since you mentioned it how is animal crossing? i been lookin for online games but ive never played animal crossing.

AC is great for the ds
if you have online its awesome theres no “action” in it but i love collecting shit in the game it just feels right personalization is great with the touch screen basically if you get it and know ppl who will give you friend codes its worth it, i dont play it anymore because i have no online play. if a wii version comes out I will get a router just for that.