Myrtle Beach Monthlies - 5 for 5 starting 1/17/09!

In an effort to give our local scene a growth spurt, I’'ll be holding monthly fighter tournaments here in Myrtle Beach, SC.

The venue fee will only be $3 for anyone entering tournaments. Each tournament will be $5 to enter. All tournaments will be double elimination.

Dueling Ground
4959 Socastee Boulevard
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

Registration will start at 12pm
Tournaments will start at 1pm


SSF2T HD Remix (360)
3 rounds
Best 2/3 matches

Soul Calibur 4 (360)
5 rounds
Best 2/3 matches
Yoda and Algol banned

Super Smash Bros. Melee (GC)
MLG rules
4 stock
no items
Best 2/3 matches

Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core (PS2)
5 rounds
Best 2/3 matches

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection (PS3)
5 rounds
Best 2/3 matches
Jinpachi banned

I’m hoping to have a good turnout for the first event, so that I can hold them regularly. (Especially after SF4 hits)

I do have controllers and sticks, but please bring your own as well.

Lodging shouldn’t be a problem. I live about 2 miles from The Dueling Ground and I can hold about 10-12 people. Just let me know if you need a place to stay.

Bring a TV and console if you can. We have room for some extra set ups. If anyone wants to bring TvC, CvS2, MvC2, MBAC, etc. feel free.

Good luck with that sir. Isn’t the Dueling Ground a card shop also? If it’s the place I’m thinking about, I played in a couple of Magic tournaments there. Owner’s name was Vern or something?

Sounds interesting… If I bring a TV, and my PS3 can I play SC4, and SSF2T HD Remix on it??

Bob: Yeah, that’s exactly the place you’re thinking of.

Paul: We could possibly just run the HD Remix tournament on PS3 if you’re bringing it. We’ll be running multiple tourneys at the same time, so SC4 will probably still be on 360.

If you want to summarize this for me and post it in the Atlantic South Upcoming Tournaments thread, I’ll post it up…

Is the 17th a Thursday? I’m going to try and take that day off to come up. Miss j00 guys <3

Hey Justin, let me know what the different dates are for your tournaments. I’m running little ones at a Play N Trade in Charleston and don’t want to conflict with y’alls schedule.

We’re going to have a SF4 tournament the week of it’s release. We do our’s on Saturdays around noon

17th is a thursday in 2008

17th is a saturday in 2009


Thanks for the info Chi. :wonder: :rofl:
What’s up Justin? It’s been a long time. Myrtle beach isn’t too far. I wouldn’t mind tagging along if someone is rolling.

Josh: Our Play N Trade can’t run tournaments for shit. I’ll gladly come down to yours. Keep me updated on them.

I’m assuming then, your SF4 tourney will be Feb 23rd?

I’ll try to plan the 2nd one for March 1st then.

Bob: tl;dr version? lol


Dueling Ground
4959 Socastee Boulevard
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

SSF2T HD Remix, SC4, T5:DR, GGXX, SSBM $5 each.

If not a lot of people are interested in GGXX, I may replace it with Tatsunoko. So far I think it’s pretty bad ass.

Anyone that’s coming, please post up. Everything should still be good to go. Sorry for lack of updates.


I will try my hardest to attend this.