Myoungshin Fanta stick question

Will Myoungshin Fanta stick fit in Street Fighter IV Fight Stick Special Edition? I mean this one to make it clear. Im asking because ive got one and id like to mod it with fanta stick for better Tekken experience. Thanks for your help.

No, not with out heavy modification

Is there any similar stick to Myoungshin i could put into my fight stick?

EDIT: is this crown worth the price? im kinda newbie at this stuff, thanks for your help.

You can order that same stick at or of you’re in the States and shipping won’t be near as bad…

Focus Attack will have an upgrade kit for the 303-fk (Korean sick destined for Japanese mounts) aimed at replicating the fanta feel in a couple of weeks.

Forgot to mention that but yep what @PresidentCamacho said.

Mhm i see, what do you mean by upgraded kit @PresidentCamacho? What differences will be between the new ones and standard Crown 303-FK?

Where did you find a Myoungshin? I’ve tried a couple of websites (including etokki and PAS) but either they don’t have payment options or just don’t have any available is where you can buy it i guess. im not getting one tho since it cannot be switched with sanwa.

I’ve tried buying it there on my computer and tablet. No payment options are available. Emailed them twice and never got a response. I figured they just don’t want my money has myoungshin fanta in stock it seems

can someone tell me if its worth getting crown 303 fk? is it much worse than myoung?

The upgrade kit has a stiffer rubber grommet and omron microswitches. A common complaint from fanta users about the 303-fk from people who have used an actual fanta is the grommet being too soft. The microswitches are a bit more sensitive (in tender of plunger resistance) than the stock gersung also, which is supposed to aid with diagonals.
If I understand correctly, the new crown is supposed to have a softer (but more accurately designed) grommet aimed at people used to light spring sticks like the jlf. Might also have omron switches. Don’t quote me on that though, I haven’t spent much time researching the new one.

As a newb in arcade stick career, should i get it?

How new are you to sticks? Levers are a matter of preference, I’m a big advocate of trying many out to see what suits you best. That said, what other levers have you used at this point? If the stock SE one is all you’ve tried so far, I’d sooner recommend a JLF (which you have tons of simple/cheap modding options with).

Edit: I re-read your initial post about Tekken. given that, I’d say go for the 303-FK with the upgrade kit. Don’t forget to get a .187 to 5 pin conversion harness with it.

I modded my stick with jlf and sanwa buttons, yet id like to try crown since i mainly play tekken. im not really able to test everything, since im from country where shipping is really expensive. do you know how soon will there be upgrade kit available? or am i missing something? thanks alot for your help.

Edit: by the way, isnt gersung microswitch used in myoungshin fanta?

I’d honestly wait for the new Crown CWL307F-J-W sticks since it’s the official Korean joystick for use in Tekken 7 cabinets. It has even better build quality and it addresses the biggest problem I have with the 303-FK, which is the size of the actuator. As PresidentCamacho said above, the 303-FKs have a hard time hitting diagonals because of a smaller actuator compared to a Myoungshin Fanta. This new CWL307 stick has a much larger actuator than the 303-FK which will make diagonals consistent and easy to hit.

While this new CWL307 stick is supposed to use a softer rubber grommet that is comparable to Sanwa softness, you can increase the tension to feel like a Myoungshin Fanta by buying a Crown Upgrade Kit from wazwuz (which is soon to be sold by FocusAttack in May according to their newsletter). Even though the upgrade kit was made for the 303-FK, it appears that the CWL307 uses the exact same rubber grommet form as the 303-FK, which in turn is the same rubber grommet form that Crown’s been using forever in all of their joysticks.

So because of this, I suggest waiting until May. By then, both the CWL307 and the Crown Upgrade Kit will be available from FocusAttack.

EDIT: Also, to answer your question, yes, Gersung microswitches are used in Myoungshin Fantas today.

Didn’t realize that the grommet was the same and the actuator is larger. I would take his advice on the matter.

The grommet is same shape…different material…so the upgrade kit should fit in the new one as well is what @Ikagi-chan iansaying I think…I could be wrong.

Well, if you were me (dude with japanese arcade stick who wants to try out korean lever), what would you buy? I dont want to buy a complete new arcade stick though.