My wireless 360 coffee table arcade stick_Oh and greetings! I'm new!

Hi all,
I’m a huge SF fan like everyone here and wanted to share this video I made of my arcade stick. I made this last year when news first broke on SF4 and SSFIIHD Remix. I have a 360 and I couldn’t stand the controllers so I decided to build one from scratch. I know they have really cool sticks coming out now but back then it was essential for me to create one because I couldn’t afford one of those expensive sticks. I’ve seen tons of cool mods out there these days. I am actually building a few more because they work perfectly with MAME so I can get my SFIII on as well. Here was my cost breakdown.

Old coffee table: Free
Used 360 Controller: $25
Buttons and parts: $20
Total cost : 45

I’ll post some high res pics if any of you are interested. It was a fun project and I can’t stop playing street fighter these days.

Ok, on to the vid. Hope you guys like it.

Fuck that’s awesome

That’s so sick! Beats using 360 D-Pad fo sho.

So freaking simple and so cool.

But, one thing I noticed is that the parts you are using look like X-arcade parts.

Have you tried a competition stick and buttons ? If not, I am sure you would prefer them after giving it a shot.

Looks like a happ super joystick? with ultimate pushbuttons haha. Nice oldschool touch, i love it

I’ve actually seen your video before on youtube. I’m most impressed by the soldering of the wireless control. Good job. So simple and cheap.

Awesome idea.

And props on the video. The ending made me chuckle.

also saw your video before, very nice setup and very clean solder job

That’s your video? Awesome, I saw that video a few weeks ago.

I did NOT see the video before. I’m wowed by it. Excellent work!

Very cool.

Thanks for comments. Yeah it’s been a fun ride so far. I am curious where I can get competition grade buttons and joysticks? I was under the impression that X-Arcade parts were. Honestly I’ve had some problems with the buttons not responding sometimes and the joystick wearing out. I am very interested in fixing this problem.

Ha ha ha, the end made me laugh!

Good work.

Dude, you’re buff.

F@cking solid!


You can buy them over at and make sure you get the IL competition and not the happ competition.

You need to send people messages saying “I beat your ass with my coffee table.”

OMG, awesome.

Truly kick ass.


Now that’s one hell of a stick. I wouldn’t mind playing on that, no sir! And the wiring job on that stick was astoundingly good! Out of curiosity, what’s up with your Play and Charge kit? Is it hooked up to a female USB type B slot and mounted onto the table or is the wire just free?