My Vanilla Team Shuma/Spencer/Doom Combo Video


My video showcasing my Shuma team alongside with Spencer and Doctor Doom. This volume showcases fullscreen, midscreen and corner combos. Other combos such as throws and converting will be covered in other volumes. Give it a look if you got time.


I’m interested in your shuma gorath combos. Can you give the notation for your first combo? I’m trying to find a string that I find comfortable and universal and this one seems a little easier to do. It looks likeyou are doing:

cr LMH, jMH u+H, land cr H, jM air mystic smash M, land M cr M cr H, mystic stare M, S, sj MMHS, land cr H, mystic stare M, S, sj HS, land call doom, mystic ray H, mystic stare M, H, sj S, cr H, mystic stare M Hyper mystic ray.

What i’m confused about are the air mystic smash (is it M or H?) and the mystic stares and mystic rays. (are they L, M or H?)

thanks. sorry i’m not very good with this character.

All the mystic rays are Medium.

The mystic smash is a M.

These combos do not seem to work on smaller characters. I get this far :

cr LMH, jMH u+H, land cr H, jM air mystic smash M, land M

When I land M though, I’m actually getting mystic stare. After the mystic smash M, it actually crosses up on smaller characters for me. I’m holding back and then after the mystic smash M it turns into forward, so I get an auto corrected mystic stare. I really need a nice damage reliable bnb that I can do with Spencer backing up Shuma!

Hmm… you say you’re getting a mystic stare at the M? I don’t get how you’re getting that command there. Just pay attention to what you’re pressing and hitting.

As for the smaller characters thing, it works on smaller characters as well, it’s just that the timing is very tight. After the s.M, you can actually just drop the c.M > c.H. So you can just go s.M > c.H instead of s.M > c.M > s.H.

There’s another combo I’m saving for a video but I’ll throw it here to help you out. c.LMH, j.MH, j.u+H, c.H, TK Mystic Smash M. The next part of that combo is the same as earlier for the whole s.M, c.H or s.M, c.M, s.H. Whatever feels more comfortable for you. The 2nd option with the c.M in it nets more damage and meter but you’ll have to practice the timing to get it to hit every time. The s.M to c.H is a lot more lenient but you’re missing out on some damage and bar. This works on any size character as well.

I have some other Shuma videos on my team coming out soon that focuses on other combos as well, so sit tight. :slight_smile:

I’m getting mystic stare because I’m holding back to charge. Then the mystic smash crosses up. So what happens is the back turns into forward because I crossed over to the other side. So because of the cross up I’m doing back forward by just holding one direction. So I get an auto corrected mystic stare. This was happening on characters as big as Storm. I’ll will take your suggestions and try some more when I get home from work today.

Yeah, just keep practicing. The combo that you’re having trouble with is a bit stricter to hit but it does a lot more damage and nets a lot more meter. The second one I suggested takes a little to get used to, but it’s a lot more lenient in the sense of hitting all characters with being less strict. Good luck buddy! May the Shuma breathen continue to grow. :smiley:

So I was able to get the combo to work, but you’re right. It’s tighter for small characters.

With a little experimenting, I was able to get 1.3 million damage with this team with 2 meters. So what I’m probably going to do is find a way to make that part of the combo more consistent / easier. Since I have a full 50k to work with, I can dumb the part of the combo down that I have trouble with and still end up killing the entire cast.

Trust me, I know all about that damage with Shuma/Spencer. :smiley: Have a good one bro. Cheers.