My two "meh" PC's combining them?

Okay, I have 2 PC’s. Graphics arent important, as I’ll be putting in a 280GT when its all said and done. Both are about 7 months old.

PC 1 (PowerSpec V312)specs
Core 2 Duo Intel 2.0 GHz
2GB Ram

PC 2 (Compaq PresSR5613WM)
Athlon X2 4400 2.3 GHz
3GB Ram

Powerspec case is def better, and getting used. More cooling, and isn’t gaudy, also has card readers (which I use SD alot)

Which processor is better? Does Compaq/HP have BIOS that prevent OC’ing? Does the AMD take was well to it? I assume that its not cut and paste just because the one is rated higher?

As for ram, I’ll be taking the 2GB sticks from each PC to make 4GB, and definitely using the 500GB as main HDD, and 320 as slave.

The C2D is faster out of those two.

It feels like it, when just doing menial tasks. Even with less ram.

So, best bet is to just yank 2 gigs out of the Presario and the HDD, and call it a day?

Do you know exactly which model the processors are (Codename, specifically is useful)? Both AMD and Intel have made multiple processors with those names. It’s a debated question, but in my opinion, looking at when those two processors were made, Intel’s ahead of the game. As far as the BIOS/overclocking question goes, you can just boot up your BIOS and check if you can modify the settings or not, but overclocking is one of those “if you have to ask…” fields in some respects – there are standards and accepted practices but not much by way of hard, scientific data.

You’ll have to check to make sure both sticks of ram can take the same timing and you might want to set up the 320 as your OS drive with your standard programs (internet, document) and leave the 500 for media and games. That way your system will be capable of accessing OS files in parallel with game files, not that it’ll be a noticeable difference anyway.

Use CPU-Z to find out what the codenames of the processors that the above poster is wondering about. You can find out the ram specs too while you’re at it.

Posting from the Powerspec after getting CPU-Z:

ECS 945GCT-M mobo
DDR2 ram, 2x1gb sticks. So I cant get 2+2.

Im about to do the same on the other, one sec.

On Compaq:

ECS Iris8
DDR2 ram

Core 2 Duo is faster.

you need to find out what spec is the ram. they might have different speeds and timings. Both cpu need to be overclocked to use gtx 280 so i guess pick which one can be overclock easiler

I’d just keep those two separate. is there a reason for you to need more than 2 GB of RAM or over 300GB of disk space in one PC? if you don’t need two, sell one of them.

well more ram is always better until its hits it max which is 4gb for 32bit windows and it get weird once it it pass 3gb because windows only shows 3gb. also windows vista takes a lot of ram so there are reason to get more ram

Depends on your OS. Vista will use all of the RAM in your system as Cache, where XP uses what it needs for the services and programs and the left over ram just goes to waste. If you need more than two gigs on your xp machine to run SF4 then your running too much shite in the background. I bet you 4 internet dollars that your frame rates wont notice a difference in XP between 2 and 3 Gigs of Ram.

my $00.2