My Twelve Match Vids

Need some tips, because that Q is still kicking my ass.


Ok, first of all you are using jumping LK…DON’T! Use jumping LP. Much safer, and recovers faster. if blocked go for a throw. Also use air dash MK (whiff) walk-up a step to throw. Trust me this works miracles, cause if you position yourself right to whiff the MK an opponent will try to anti-air it and miss. Giving you the opprotunity to throw them. Use more air dashing HP’s and HK’s ok.

Dont use super jumps or wall leaps, completely useless. A wall leap once in a blue moon is ok and super jump only if corner trapped unless u have bar to go for a EX Dive

Also use your advantage to Q, your more mobile and he has to work twice as hard to hit you. In addition, he doesnt have that much of an air game. Use more air dash HP’s they are your friend, try to be more offensive. Cause once Q gets even one taunt off, good luck trying to be on the defense. Cause with this match it coudl take forever to win as you saw, Twelve can’t really hurt Q, but Q can’t really keep up and catch Twelve either.

Never fall victim to Dash Punch (blocked) SA1.

If he starts to hit you in the air build a ground game with standing far MP, NDL’s, crouching MK, max range standing HK’s. And hit him when he taunts, regardless of the damage that it will inflict, you get a chance for a free hit and you didnt take it. WTF man lol And dont dash back LK, build no bar dash back HK ok lol

And in the Q corner trap after he launches you just hold up ok. So ocne you get up you’ll be jumping then hit him with HK on the way down or if u have bar EX Dive.

Go for throws, just go for as many throws as possible, abouse them, throwing is your best tool for damage with ol Twelve. Sure it sounds a bit on the scrubby side but u can throw ur opponents into rage. Next thing u know they keep gettin thrown, bitch about it angry makin their game suck lol trust me it’s funny :smiley:

And with Twelve take whatever damage you can. If u only have tiem to just punish with a crouching LK than do it. There’s no reason not to take it ok.

get a good wake-up game to. Use cr. LK
if hit - A.X.E. (LP), XX, X.N.D.L.
if blocked - EX A.X.E.

also learn instanst air dash (IAD), press up-forward, forward.
This woulda worked well when u had Q cornered.
IAD MK (whiff) throw, repeat. I’ve seen many players fall 4 this lol trust me

Thnx for the Tips, not my best matches though, but i had to make some vids

Just a few notes, i screw up running away from Q one fault and my little brother just takes 50% of my health,

Is it worth risking iy when he Tauntes? Because one attack from him does more damage then 10 seconds of poking him.

Throw’s don’t work because it will ussualy end in a tech frenzy.

I can do IAD, and IAD (MK?, not HK?) Whiff Throw (I did try it a few times in one of the fights), but same result, tech tech.

I’m playing against my little brother and he know’s my game, he’s the only opponent i know, who i can’t throw alot to do damage

Your Twelve is not aggressive enough. You should be IADing all over Q. Especially if your bro is using SA1…which IMO is a useless super against a character that stays in the air all the time. You should have been baiting that super all day with IAD’s and after throws on wake up. You can pretty much j.HK on Q all day without fear cuz he has no real AA for that shit. Watch some Japanese players like Yamazaki or Easuto. You have to be aggressive with Twelve to get any damage in and especially against a character that can bring his defense up 40 percent you don’t wanna risk that. The fact that your bro doesn’t use SA2 should be enough to just wail on him for free. He can’t use the super in the air and it’s a big risk using it on the ground as well. Twelve’s walk can go under the punches for the super.

Also what’s up with all the air QCB+K’s? I can understand the EX but I don’t understand why you use the regular version. Especially against a character like Q that can C and DB or EX dash punch to super you on reaction. If you are going to use air QCB+K against Q make sure it’s the EX version so he has no way of punishing you. I would only use normal qcb+K if Q does something retarted and the damage will help to end the round for you. Just randomly doing it in the middle of a round is a good way to get killed.

So again…more IADing…lots more IADing…like all the damned time IADing…throw mix ups…whiff MK IAD to throw. c.LK throw. Anything that you can do to land a throw is good. Then when you knock him down jump om him with j.HK, s.MK super jump IAD cancel…s.LP…land…throw. From a distance use EX qcf+P to keep him from trying to dash punch towards your way. Not that that’s a good idea any ways since Twelve can walk under dash punch. Seriously…if you just get more aggressive with Twelve and stop using those qcb+K’s in the air…you’ll win matches. If your brother can taunt twice within 5 seconds of a round…that means you’re not being aggressive enough. Unless he gets a C and DB on you he should never get two taunts during a fight.

exactly be more aggresive. Q can’t really keep up with 12. No AA’s, not fast enough nor mobile enough. Use my. fav poke string against hi mcr. LK x 2, cr. MK. And with they way ur bro plays here I saw many possible SA1 attempts from u ok. Though u dont wanna base ur game on landing a super with 12 like u do with Urien or Chun-Li.

What everyone else said - be more aggressive. You should be in Q’s face until he gets three taunts in and if he isn’t taunting… just stomp all over his ass. There are also times where you just kinda stand there and don’t do anything when Q is knocked down (even times when you don’t do anything when the Q player is standing!). Walk backwards and forwards, build meter, IAD, do anything to disguise what you’re going to do next. In that first vid, you hit him with EX NDL, stand there watching him, then go for another EX NDL. Build meter in between - gives you more bar to play around with and disguises the second EX NDL attempt. When you get a close knockdown, IAD into fierce punch/fierce kick. If the other guy tech-rolls, it’s a nice throw set-up and if he doesn’t, you have some meter back anyway.

There’s always something you should be doing with Twelve, you should never be standing still. Ever.

Also, general advice against other characters, if you’re going to back off (which you did a few times), build meter when you do so. IAD backwards > fierce, crouching MP, IAD backwards > fierce, crouching MP, etc. Pop a few EX NDLs in there too or fly back in with air dash > fierce. Twelve can switch gears from runaway to rushdown insanely fast and vice versa.

Try to stay away from regular air dives. It’s okay every now and then if the other guy is in the air but against characters that can punish the recovery (pretty much all of them), don’t use them against grounded opponents. EX dives, on the other hand, are always awesome.

And learn when to use roundhouse, then start using it. It’s a laggy poke but if you learn how to work it into your game, gives you a nice ranged attack without having to burn meter.

“Throw’s don’t work because it will ussualy end in a tech frenzy.”

Yes they do. IAD jab (block/hit) and IAD fierce (whiff) are both good throw set-ups that catch a LOT of people out.

Oh, and for god’s sake man, DON’T taunt against a Q player who is walking backwards and has super ready to go.

One last thing - Eggroll is the best player nick ever :smiley:

And learn when to use roundhouse, then start using it. It’s a laggy poke but if you learn how to work it into your game, gives you a nice ranged attack without having to burn meter./QUOTE]

And how do i learn it?

Yeah those air dive’s, i know the only thing i receive from it is a punishment.

Another thing, how do I use Crouching FP (The ball) properly?

By experimenting with it. It’s one of those pokes that’s more specific to the way your opponent plays than anything else (it gets raped by jump-ins, for example) but it’s a very useful tool to have. Stick it on the end of a cr.LK, cr.LK, cr.MK blockstring. Knock them down, dash back to full roundhouse range and use it when they get up. Use it to keep an opponent pinned down in the corner. Like I said, just experiment with it.

And never use it on a Chun-Li with super ready to burn.


On a similar note, don’t use crouching FP either. Slow start-up, sucky range, leaves you in trouble even if it hits. When you’re close to your opponent, you want to push yourself AWAY with a blockstring or start IAD mix-ups. Crouching FP doesn’t do either.

another note on crouching HP is Makoto can easily karakusa u outta it.

Another note on standing HK. Throw your opponent, then do an late air-dash and hit with a late HP so that the tip barely hits. Blocked or not, some players (mostly n00bs) are under the impression you will be in sweep range and of course stick out a sweep so right when u land hit HK and hit them as they sweep. Very stupid pattern yes…effective…kinda. Still safe since ya at max range (exempting fast supers)

Don’t use c.HP. Just…don’t. Unless using it will win you the match…don’t do it. Too many ways to outpoke/punish it and it doesn’t lead to anything useful. I don’t even like using Twelve’s sweep much let alone his c.HP. Just watch some Twelve vids and learn ways to set up IAD.

I know of ONE use for his sweep. After blocking Chun-Li’s SA2. U could parry yes, but without SA! and outside of throw range, there’s no point

But let’s get some new vids so then we can see if u improved or not Daniel-san…

I don’t play 12 whatsoever, but I think you need more air dash hps, random n.d.l’s/ex n.d.l’s, and to stop using the normal air dive. You need to be more active, standing still at fullscreen isn’t giving you meter, which in turn could have been used for EX dives/n.d.l’s. Also, if you’re going to be fullscreen doing nothing, Q can get off free taunts and make the match last even longer.

Note: I have not read the other replies. :]

Tell your brother to play Q better, he’s not making use of the time you are running away to taunt or anything. That in itself should show you should be more aggressive against him. And as the people above said less super jumps, try to even out the air/ground game. Make more use of the tricks you see in other vids. A.X.E. when used properly can stop many attacks, but with super charged Q can blow through heaps of stuff with recovery even at long range.

I haven’t watched the videos, but Twelve has two ways to play against Q. One way is the super keep-away who-cares-if-you-taunt-cause-I’ll-just-outrun-you-to-death way. This has a lot of ndl, ex ndl, walking backward, standing roundhouse, superjump ex dive, back-jump fierce, that sort of stuff. It’s really hard for Q to get past that. Yeah, the match will take a long time, but running out the clock is still a win. The other way to play is right up on Q’s face. Q doesn’t have much to beat close jumping roundhouse, walk forward under half of Q’s pokes, iad games, and throw games, and you can outpoke him with crouching jab/short/forward/fierce, standing forward/strong, and whippy hands.

What you definitely do not want to do is to try to play a mid range game, that’s what Q wants. Q’s back + fierce eats up all your mid-range air dashes, his strong/fierce slaps are good, he can dash punch to where he wants, his pokes are working, basically that’s where all of his stuff works the best. So, play one of the other ways, not that way.

so agree with DevilJin 01

james culiao jajajaja igual te papeo con necro …XD