My truth moment(Warning Religion Related)

I was reading Penn Jillette’s book called God No! Last night and there was a very startling thing I read on there that is quite true for me and it is what I have needed. I have been unhappy with my life for quite sometime and alot of it has to due with where I live and the fact that I live in bumfuck religion ville. I have tried to say I am Agnostic for acouple of years and honestly I was just lying to myself and making myself more miserable. I am an Atheist, I have been Atheist for quite some time I just never wanted to come out and say it. As stupid as it sounds reading his book and him having a chapter in it where he basically says quit being a pussy and try to ride the pine is what I needed to hear. Although he obviously was not speaking directly to me it felt like he was. When I first read it I was honestly pissed off that he would call Agnostics that, call me that. Then I thought about what he was saying and thought about why I was so pissed off about it. The truth is I was still trying to keep alittle bit of that Christian side I spent 27 years of my life believing it.

Although I have never met or written the man I have immense respect for Penn. He does not bullshit you and when I finally sat down and watched his Bullshit episode on The Bible without turning it off out of anger, it sent my whole line of thinking into question. It seems stupid something like that can have such an affect on your life but it did. Especially since I live in Bibleville with seemingly no way out.

I know around here this will anger a great many people when I tell them that and that is something they will just have to deal with. I know most of you are wondering why I decided to type this and why you should give a shit. The answer is simple, I wanted to because it felt good and I had to start being myself, since I was really just miserable and you shouldn’t.

Also GoodMourning if you read this as far as your question about why I do not believe in Evolution I really have no answer. I think that was just part of me still trying to cling to something I knew I have no believed in in quite sometime. I would be interested in some good reading material if you have any though.

I’m going to let this run until it gets out of hand. Which it will.

Lol I understand if you lock it and I assure you it is not my intention for this to get out of hand and I am personally not going to badmouth religion.

Well congrats. Although I am a Christan, if what you believe in (or don’t believe in) liberates you, then that’s fine. I’ve personally have been both agnostic and atheist in the past, but afters so many years I was sent back on the path to Christ. I personally don’t like most atheist, and find them pretentious. But of course not all of them are like that. If you’re going to be an atheist, just don’t become one who bashes religion or spirituality. You can be true to what you believe in without shitting on other’s beliefs.

When I was an agnostic/atheist, they were some of the angriest years of my life. I don’t agree with this at all. Most atheist become atheist because they are mad at religion, not because they truly don’t believe in God. I mean there are some atheist who are born atheist, and they’re usually fine. But I swear atheist/agnostics are some of the most miserable people on the planet. I know I was when I was an atheist.

I agree, but i think there’s room for hypocrisy in whatever stance you take.

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I’m sorry but this is BS. Every atheist around here wants/likes to find any and every opportunity to hop on their soapbox and declare their atheism. I rarely say anything because it leads to a circular argument that just gets everyone worked up. As a matter of fact I’ve yet to ever meet an atheist that doesn’t feel the need to bring up their atheism at every turn. The majority of the time I meet an atheist when they’re screaming about atheism for no reason. At the very least most of the pro-Atheists bring it up in a back handed way (news item concerning someone who did something who happens to be religious, etc). There are plenty of people around here who practice religion (including myself) who don’t feel the need to broadcast it without reason. Believe what you want to believe, but there’s no need for this at all. For people who don’t believe in religion, you all sure do bring it up the most by far.

Please take the attention whoring somewhere else.

Aaaaand it’s yet again obvious GD can’t handle this serious discussion.
Sorry Jae, next time try to make a hate thread :confused:

Funny because I do not throw it around like ever. Infact I make an effort to not talk about religion on srk and have sided with religious people several times on this site even when I did not believe what they did. Whether you believe it is about attention whoring or not to me does not matter. RoninChaos told me awhile ago you need to make some changes because you are miserable and he was right. I know he was not doing it to be mean. Funny how quick you are to bash me when I have no bashed you at all. Believe what you want it does not bother me, I don’t look down on people based on what they believe.