My Thoughts on how to fix this game

System Changes

  1. TAC’s do not causes infinite hitstun, they now start at 0 and hitstun scales at a normal rate.

  2. If you guess an opponents TAC correctly now after the wall bounce you can combo them (you fall faster to the ground than them.) The damage of this combo is scaled to do half of the damage it normally would do, also your wallbounce is used up.

  3. Air throw break window is extended by 3 frames.

  4. Air throws only work now if you input forward or back H.

  5. You can no longer whiff chainable light moves.

  6. Damage is toned down across the board by 10%.

  7. Glitches are removed.

  8. Snapbacks have some startup invincibility.

  9. X factor lv.3 is now xfactor lv.2, x factor lv.2 is now x factor lv. 1 and x factor lv.1 is just as long as the old xfactor lv.1 time but it yeilds a 1/3 lower damage bonus than old xfactor lv1, the speed bonus is the same as the new xfactor lv2 bonuses.

  10. Ground throws and air throws damage scales more.

Character Changes


Buffs: 1. Lvl. 3 Demon travels faster and on hit gives you enough time to otg with your flip kick.

  1. You can now demon flip into tatsu by inputting S during the flip.

  2. His teleport has had its recovery decreased and its speed increased.

  3. Teleport can be cancelled up until halfway through the animation into any of his supers or an assist can be called until the halfway point.

  4. By inputting two buttons after his demon flip he does his grab that hits if you are close to your opponent in air or on ground (can be teched in air) he throws the opponent into a hard knockdown state fullscreen away (except in corner) in corner you can otg dive kick to continue a combo and from fullscreen you can jump otg super.

  5. By holding the M button after doing a demon flip he will come down to the ground and do a trip move that hits low and is comboable after by hitting do to it popping the opponent high enough.

  6. Raging Demon is now air ok.

  7. Given a second lvl 3 misogi, the input is HCB and two buttons, it is fully invincible body tracking super does 450000, otg’s and causes a hard knockdown state.


Buffs: 1. Damage increased by 15%.

  1. Okami Shuffle now hits fullscreen until the animation is finished, (meaning there are no gaps to punish it or create mixups.)

  2. Slight decrease in startup of all whip normals.

  3. Startup and recovery of stance changes are slightly decreased.

  4. All normals during whip stance are now special/super cancellable.

  5. Glave stance j.H is now stance cancellable.


Buffs: 1. His DP M sword move has less startup is 0 on block, and is completely invincible except if hit from behind.

  1. Armor lasts 1/3 percent longer.

  2. When Gold armor breaks he no longer has a pop out animation, instead the armor just breaks off and arthur can continue whatever he is doing he just will be in his underwear form now.

  3. He can triple jump in his Super armor mode.

  4. He gets a 15% damage increase.

  5. Startup on his Shield move is decreased.

  6. All projectiles do 10% more chip damage than most characters (making it 40%) and all of his projectiles now build 1/3 more meter.

  7. Walk speed increased.

  8. Given a ground dash, it is sort of a forward hop (similar to hulks).

  9. Cross Sword normal is now back M, and is now super cancellable.

  10. All of he grounded projectile special moves can now be cancelled into forward H that cannot be special cancelled.

  11. Gold armor will begin to crack 5 seconds before it breaks.

  12. Durability on all projectile specials increased by 1/3.

  13. In Underwear state u only take 10% extra damage now.

  14. During gold armor arthers speed is increased by 10%.

  15. Heavenly Slash assist is now strike invincible.

  16. Shield now defends against high/mid attacks as well.

  17. More time to combo from air throw.

  18. QCB M and H startup is decreased.

  19. J.S hitstun increased.

  20. During Gold Armor Shield reflects non beam projectiles.

Captain America

Buffs: 1. Shield Slash has less startup, less recovery and travels faster.

  1. Final Justice can punish from fullscreen distance on the ground (or near) (very fast now), has only 1 frame of startup and puts the opponent into a hard knockdown state.

  2. When inputting Button + S the button determines how fast he flips.

  3. All versions of the flip move are sped up.

  4. Shield Slash goes through all projectiles, (treated as a physical hit).

  5. Stars and Stripes special has some startup invincibility (same for assist).

Chris Redfield

Buffs: 1. Lvl. 3 super is completely invincible until he hits his recovery animation.

  1. He can now throw all versions of grenade in the air (except land mine).

  2. Prone state now has less recovery go into it and leaving it.

  3. In prone state you can now use all versions of grenades as well as all of his weapons.

  4. He can now enter a new state on the ground where he lays on his back aiming diagonal upward by inputting down down S (state is from re6.) in this mode he can use all of his weapon specials except land mine.

Chun Li

Buffs: 1. Kikosho hitbox enlarged to cover her from all sides and has no recovery.

  1. Damage is increased on her lv.3 super and it causes a hard knockdown state.

  2. She now has her very fast hasancho flip move from street fighter, it hits overhead and causes ground bounce on air hit and crumples grounded foes, the input is QCB plus a button the button press determines the range (all versions 0 on block).

  3. All versions of her hadoken move travel fullscreen are faster and have lest recover, and now when they hit airborne opponents cause a soft knockdown state, and on grounded opponents cause a crumple state(button press determines fireball speed.) (includes assist).

  4. She now has an ex hadoken (done by charge back (until glowing) then pressing forward plus Button) that has a ton of durability and almost no recovery, as well as a the fireball size being larger, large enough for chun li to be covered by it (its speed is determined by the button press.)

  5. Invincibility on startup of dp k, on hit it causes a soft knockdown state (on point or as an assist.)

  6. cr.l is now a low.

  7. Damage increased by 15%

  8. Forward H speed has been doubled.

  9. Kikoken fireballs durability doubled.

Crimson Viper

Nerfs: 1. It now takes longer for her unblockable to charge.

  1. Damage Scaling after an unblockable is landed is increased significantly.


Buffs: 1. Jet Stream and Dance Macabre damage increased by 25%

  1. Damage increased by 10%.

  2. Less Startup on St.L and St.M.

Nerfs: 1. Jam Session now causes puts opponents in full blockstun, no longer fuzzies.


Buffs: 1. Damage on all gun moves and gun supers increased by 5%.

  1. Durability on gun moves and supers increased, startup slightly decreased on them as well.

  2. Lv 3 activates when hit by any kind of hit (can be thrown out of though) including projectiles, assist hits will not trigger the super.

  3. Level 3 is completely invincible (except to assists and throws) and has a small recovery window at the end.

  4. Overall Damage increased by 10%.

  5. Can now block after the recovery of ninja gift in air is finished.

Nerf: 1. Counter super now sends them into a regular knockdown on hit, (cannot continue the combo after this lv 3).

Doctor Doom

Nerfs: 1. Hidden Missiles assist missiles 2-6 home where the first missile is homing at.

Doctor Strange

Buffs: 1. Now has a forward and backward air dash.

  1. Eye of Agamotto and Daggers of Denact do not disappear when he is hit (unless hit during startup.) (assists included)

  2. Fireball Speed overall increased significantly when there are more hosts of hoggoth on screen.

  3. Launch is now -8 on block.

  4. Spell of vishante on hit causes soft knockdown.

  5. All Hosts of hoggoth come out faster.




Buffs: 1. Hit stun from sonic ball is increased (similar to vanilla) and hit stun deterioration decreased, also recovery on the move is decreased.

  1. Her switch sides move is sped up significantly, also you can now alter how fast the side switch is depending on the button press for Button+S, (similar to my captain america buff.)

  2. The small cat during her cat super speed is increased significantly.

  3. By holding S while clinging to the wall you can now charge your meter.

  4. Damage increased by 15%.

  5. Wall Grab now works with super jumps.

  6. Cat Spike M is now an overhead.


Buffs: 1. Luminous Body causes all of firebrands spitfires durability to be doubled, and decreases the recovery of all spitfires by 1/2.

  1. Damage increased by 15%.

  2. Dark Fire super causes soft knockdown.

Nerf: 1. During Luminous Body meter can only be gained on hit.

Frank West

Buffs: 1. When throwing up he is unhittable and just falls afterward going into a knockdown.

  1. There is now a throw up timer now.

  2. Picture is now a fullscreenmove (horizontal hitbox in front of him) that doesnt rely on a durability point system so it will hit unblocking foes unless they are using invincible moves.

  3. Damage increased by 10%.

  4. Camera on hit recovery is altered so you can no longer be punished on hit.

  5. New Move given to all levels, QCB S Frank uses the shopping cart from his assist, has same properties, is 0 on block.

Ghost Rider

Buffs: 1. Given Double Jump

  1. Qcf M is now being exchanged for a quick whip move that slams down similar to the end of his chain super that hits overhead ground bounces on hit, Qcf H is now exchanged for and unblockable whip move where ghost rider lassos into it (the amount of time for it to come out is similar to taskmasters unblockable) he is not naturally able to combo from it but it can be super cancelled, QCF L is now a low hitting whip move where ghost rider quickly whits the chain around then sweeps low, covers most of the ground, on hit causes knockdown (cannot naturally combo from this).

  2. Whip Super damage increased by 25%.

  3. All versions of Motorcycle do 15% more damage. The L version is now invincible an very fast (similar to bionic arm), the M version is now safe on block and the H version does the most damage (extra 5%) and is the only one that otg’s, the S verison ghost rider jumps off his bike after summoning it sending the bike forward but allowing you to use the bike as a way to control space.

  4. Damage on chain bullets increased by 20%.

  5. Forward H in air is now a diagonal up chain attack similar to a reflection of ghost riders jumping S.

  6. QCF S is now ghost riders old QCF L move.

  7. Back St. M is a new feint kick normal that lunges ghost rider forward some (kind of like a step kick), this can be used to kara cancel into normals to keep continued pressure.

  8. Chain normals now inflict 10% chip damage (similar to sentinel).

  9. Heartless Spire is now Special Cancellable.

  10. L and M st. and cr. startup is decreased.

  11. Wavedash improved.

Nerfs: 1. Heartless Spire no longer otg’s. (including the assist)


Buffs: 1. Hard knockdown state given back to lariot assist and on point.

  1. Otg state after a haggers normal throws are longer to allow for it to be easy to combo after.

  2. Fist pummle super hitbox is improved so opponents will no longer randomly fall out on hit.

  3. One point of super armor added to Hoodlum M and H.

  4. Command grab specials throw ranges are increased.


Buffs: 1. Now has Double Jump.

  1. Slight speed increase on all arrows specials including supers.

  2. Damage on all arrow specials and supers are increased by 5%.

  3. Lmh chain will always work on hit standing or crouching.

  4. cr. m range increased.

  5. Recovery decreased after Gimlet.

  6. Damage increase by 10%.

  7. Shock Value is Special cancellable.


Buffs: 1. Her speed is increased overall, her speed on air dash increased significantly (changed from walking animation to running animation.)

  1. Pinwheel special is now a dash and normal cancellable move, also it is speed up significantly with startup decreased.

  2. Gong Assist is now H version.

  3. All versions of gong travel 1/3 further on screen and there is alot less recovery on gong now and gong now reflects beams as well.

  4. Ankiho can now be done in air.

  5. Damage increased by 15%.

  6. Gold Armor time increased by 1/3.

  7. Cr. H otg capable.


Buffs: 1. Ground Throw now gives you time for hulk to otg from it.

  1. X factor gives hulk speed boosts now.

  2. Health is now 1,250,000.

Nerfs: 1. Ground throw range has been reduced to prevent certain OS’s as being effective.

Iron Fist

Buffs: 1. Now has a Double jump.

  1. Air M becomes the same hitbox and animation as st. M.

  2. Air M causes a slow falling hard knockdown state on hit, with alot of time to otg (similar to foot dive).

  3. Dash speed improved.

  4. New Ki move dpS that will give him the speed ki, it increases his speed overall by 25%.

  5. All Ki techniques improved effects by 5%.

  6. Lv. 3 damage increased, causes crumple state afterwards.

  7. Overhead kick special and low kick special is now sped up to be nonreactable.

  8. Lmhs chains work on airborne opponents.

  9. Air throws and ground throws are now easier to otg from (time in otg state is similar to foot dive.)

  10. Lunge kick assist and on point now has more startup invincibility, is now fully projectile invincible.

  11. Alpha Counter Lunge kick is now fully invincible.

  12. Iron Rage is projectile invincible.

  13. Volcanic Roar covers everything above (even off screen) iron fist and its damage is increased by 20%.

  14. Health is now 1,100,100

  15. Startup time decreased for rising fang.

  16. Chi can now be cancelled into rekkas.

  17. By inputting HCB S you get a command grab special that you flip over your opponent and can combo after from, very similar to yuns command grab.

  18. Wall of Kun Lun and Rising Fang can now be done after the first rekka special.

  19. Wall of Kun Lun and Rising Fang can be done outside of rekkas.

Iron Man

Buffs: 1. Startup decreased for all unibeams on point and as assist.

  1. Cr. H now goes half screen horizontally then blows up.

  2. Ground Dash can be cancelled into attacks.

  3. S has more range.

  4. Smart Bombs input is now S+Button, all versions are sped up have a larger hitbox and have less recovery.

  5. Depending on the button press smart bombs trajectory is altered.

  6. Double Jump taken away is returned.

  7. Smart Bombs on STRAY HIT causes a long hard knockdown state (this property disappears in combos), (similar to how long the state is after dooms foot dive.)

  8. Damage increased by 10%.

  9. Knee dive from mvc2 given back, done by inputting downM.

  10. Last hit on proton canon supers cause soft knockdown to guarantee it is safe on hit.


Buffs: 1. Startup and recovery is halved for arrow knee and double down knee specials. (includes assists).

  1. Raven Spike Damage increased by 20%.

  2. Damage increased by 15%.

  3. Damage on Gunshot Super increased by 10%.

  4. Cr. M is returned back to vanilla status.

  5. Otg time increased after a ground throw making her otg super possible to land after.

  6. Recovery is decreased on Fallen Prey move on hit to allow time for a setup.

  7. Reduce startup of Feral Crouch slightly.

  8. New move Air arrow knee (same animation as arrow knee, input is QcfS, wall bounces on hit.

  9. Given new special Machine Gun QCF S, she pulls out her machine gun quickly and shoots straight (similar to chris’s but doesnt shoot as long.)


Buffs: 1. Hyper Psyonic Blaster damage increased by 20%.

  1. Body Attack Super is projectile invincible.

  2. Damage increased by 10%.

  3. Command grab super is air ok.

  4. St. L and Cr. L hitbox increased.

  5. All Barriers is now air ok.

  6. All Barriers now can block certain supers (including assists.)

  7. Jamming Bomb air ok.


Buffs: 1. Disrupter is sped up slightly (in between vanilla and ultimate) (includes the assist.)

  1. Air Dash Speed Returned back to vanilla status.

  2. Counter special when triggers activates beam faster and you are able to combo after the juggle due to recovery being decreased. (assist included.)

Nerfs: 1. Meter building is decreased overall by 1/3.

  1. Air dash speed increase may make certain combos no longer work.


Buffs: 1. Damage increased by 10%.

  1. Soul Fist assist replaced with Soul Drain.

  2. Down down S is dark horminizor. (Start up is longer than Felicia’s meter charge, and it cannot be charged like Felicia’s) has lengthy recovery. (cant be done during astral vision super.)

Nerfs: 1. Only Builds meter during astral super when hitting opponent.


Buffs: 1. Armor for all launcher slams is now immediate. (assist included.)

  1. Lv. 3 now has full invincibility and is 0 frame startup.

  2. Rush super is fully armored and is safe on block, (depending on the hit stun deterioration you can connect a S after this super) (can still throw it on block).

  3. Full Armor given on clothesline assist.

  4. Clothesline L is 0 on block.

  5. Clothesline M and H are very positive on block if the rocket part is blocked.

  6. Rocket super recovery on hit is decreased significantly to allow time for setups.

  7. Dp M is now an overhead, Dp L is now a low and Dp H is now +1 on block.

  8. Dp M assist is now an overhead.

  9. Armor is immediate on St. H.

  10. Slightly reduce recovery on command grabs.

  11. Improve tracking on Rocket super.

  12. Slightly increase durability all Rockets.


Buffs: 1. All versions of Gravemetric Pulse durability is increased by 1/3 hits. (assist included.)

  1. Gravemetric Blaster super does 15% more damage.


Buffs: 1. Health changed to 700,000.

Pheonix Wright

Buffs: 1. Maya stays out for 1/3 longer.

  1. Maya protecting hitbox is vertically increased to help protect you and your assists better (maya will defend from all attacks unless you physically get over her.

  2. Order in the court no long knocks back pheonix wright meaning it has basically no recovery.

  3. Questioning and Cross Examination start up time is decreased to make it easier to space with and combo into.

  4. There is a Maya Icon near your meter that will light up when you can call maya again also it takes 1/4 less time for maya to be available than before.

  5. All of his assists in tournabout mode are fully invincible and unpunishable.

  6. Throwing fake evidence has less recovery.

  7. Qcf S now sends out the dog as a low hitting projectile.

  8. During Turnabout mode the dog assist on hit puts the opponent in a capture state with the dog biting on their leg.

  9. Paper Throw assist in turnabout mode does full damage on block.

  10. Damage increased by 10%.

  11. Overhead normal is now considered airborne.

  12. Maya can now be called in all of his mode’s.

  13. Maya shield can now take 1/3 more damage.

  14. Each Piece of evidence now has a unique effect (will work on this.)

Rocket Racoon

Buffs: 1. Damage increased by 15%.

  1. Time Spring super stays out is increased by 1/4 its time.

  2. During Tail Spin you can now press S to shoot a short ranged diagonal down gun laser.

  3. Given Wall Jump.

  4. Traps stay if RR is hit.

  5. Rocket skates is now normal cancellable.

  6. RR gets another action in air.

  7. Lv.3 now has invincibility.


Buffs: 1. Denjin Mode duration is doubled.

  1. Denjin mode no longer slowly reduces ryus health.

  2. Walk speed increased slightly.

  3. Tatusmaki super now has more startup invincibility and leaves opponent in hard knockdown state.

  4. No charge time required now for dpS and QCF S during denjin mode.

  5. During Denjin mode Charged hadoken has hyper durability.

  6. During Denjin mode ryus charged shoryuken is fully invincible, including his dp assist (until he starts to fall during recovery.)

  7. During Denjin mode QCF S mash shoots six hadokens that go fullscreen.

  8. During Denjin mode Hadoken assist sends out six mashed hadokens.

  9. During Denjin mode tatsumaki on point or as an assist has the exact same projectile nullifying properties of akumas tatsumaki assist and hitbox size.

  10. Damage during Denjin mode increased by 15%.

  11. Tatsumaki super during denjin mode is fully invincible and otg’s.

  12. Can OTG from ground throw.

  13. The more beam strands that hit the opponent with ryu’s denjin hadoken super the more damage it does.

  14. New move given as QCB S, it is a fake fireball animation that has no recovery, (can be done in air) also builds a little meter (will not build meter during denjin mode.)

  15. New move given as backwards Z motion S, it is evil ryu’s overhead attack from ssf4, it is invincible to low attacks, hits overhead, is plus on block and ground bounces on hit.

  16. Hadoken Durability doubled during denjin mode.

Nerfs: 1. Only builds meter during denjin mode by hitting the opponent.


Buffs: 1. Health raised to 1,100,000.

  1. Flight speed increased.

  2. Invisible wall (when trying to wave dash) after the command grab is removed and the distance it sends the opponent is halved.

  3. Normals Chip, but only do 10% chip damage unlike the way normal chip damage works, (similar to mvc2.)

  4. Rocket Punch and Air Rocket punch gains its old status from vanilla marvel. (assist included.)

  5. Hard Drive hitbox improved so its harder for characters to fall out of.

  6. Air rocket punch can now be cancelled into flight.


Buffs: 1. Give her back her chainable lights from vanilla.

  1. Giver her back her slide range from vanilla.

  2. Speed and range of Lamppost is increased significantly, it has also been given 1 hit of armor.

  3. Lamppost is safe on block when when spaced at certain distances.

  4. Damage increased by 10%.

  5. Increase invincibility on anti air grab super to be like it was in vanilla.

  6. Hitboxes improved on her lvl 1 super, this is to make sure no one can fall out of it.

  7. Receives a slight speed increase overall.

  8. Armor on Charitot comes out faster.


Buffs: 1. You can no longer be thrown out of mystic smash.

  1. Mystic smash’s hitbox is adjusted to out prioritize most normals.

  2. Speed of all versions of mystic smash are increased by 1/3.

  3. Hyper Mystic Smash comes out even if he is hit, the eyes are invincible, recovery is lessened.

  4. Faster Air Dash and ground dash.

  5. Air S causes hard knockdown, is 0 block.

  6. Command Grab special doesnt scale, causes a groundbounce on hit.

  7. Damage increased by 10%.

  8. Given Wall Jump.

  9. New Move Given Chaos Portal, done by inputting HCB S (teleport back) or HCF S (teleport forward) and is air ok, it is a set distance teleport that moves him 1/3 the screen forward or backwards depending on the input, during startup a crack in the background will appear where he will be teleporting to, the animation consists of him tearing a hole in the background and appearing where the crack is.

  10. Eye ball explotion causes hard knockdown.


Nerfs: 1. Zip lines all scale like a normal combo hit.


Buffs: 1. Can now otg easier off ground throws.

  1. Web ball durability improved and speed doubled.

  2. Crawler assault hitbox improved so opponent doesnt fall out of super.

  3. Web ball on hit keeps you in a stun state longer on point and as an assist.

  4. Spider swing assist now causes soft knockdown state.

  5. Alter hitboxes on standing, crouching and air M to allow for better footsies, air to airs and overheads.

  6. Cr. L speed slightly sped up.

  7. Two web zips are now allowed in the air. (Still follow min 3 specials limit in air)

  8. Damage increased by 10%

  9. Given Wall jump.


Buffs: 1. Fly time increased by 1/3 longer.

  1. Float time increased by 1/3 longer.

  2. Whirlwind startup halved and durability points doubled (this applies for the assist as well.)

  3. Typhoon startup time halved (applies to assist as well).

  4. Damage increased by 15%.

  5. All Lightning Sphere has its recovery halved.

  6. Lightning Sphere H now homes to the spot where the opponent was at the time of the input.

  7. Push and pull special is now air ok.


Buffs: 1. Damage increased by 20%.

  1. Legion super has normal hyper durability properties.

  2. Legion super comes out alot faster.

  3. Hit boxes improved so LMHS chains work more consistently on standing and crouching foes.

Nerfs: 1. Startup of Vajra assist is increased.

Super Skrull

Buffs: 1. His stomp otg move causes a techable knockdown but removes one bar of meter from your opponent (impossible to combo after the stomp.)

  1. DfH has more hitstun on the move to make it easier to combo from by using an assist.

  2. Stone Smite assist startup time is reduced.


Buffs: 1. Startup of all Arrow specials are decreased.

  1. All arrow specials travel faster. (doesnt include assists.)

  2. All arrow specials and supers to 20% more damage.

  3. Counter Super leaves the opponent in a crumple state.

  4. New move given, by inputting down down S he will shoot 3 arrows straight down on the ground, this otg’s and allows you to combo afterward from it.

  5. Given New air move QCF S, shoots in an up angle similar to QCF H on the ground.

  6. Charging Star is projectile invincible and has startup invincibility frames.

  7. New air super given by in putting QCF Button + S, he shoots his arrows straight up very similar to his ground QCF MH super.

  8. All counters have startup time decreased and recovery reduced, the high low counter moves on hit cause a hard knockdown state that you can combo from after.


Buffs: 1. Health is now 1,300,000.

  1. Startup decreased for Mighty spark, Mighty thunder and Mighty Strike. (assists included.)

  2. Mighty Thunder is sped up.

  3. Mighty Punish is now fully invincible and causes a hard knockdown on hit.

  4. Mighty Punish is air ok.

  5. Might Strike is now very positive on block. (assist included.)

  6. Special Command throws ranges are slightly increased.

  7. Mighty Speech recover decreased slightly.

  8. Gets a speed boost in X factor now.

  9. Mighty Strike travels 1/3 further. (assist included.)

  10. Mighty thunder now pushes back some on block and hit.

  11. New move Mighty Hammer, done by inputting dp S, he throws his hammer, it homes to where your opponent was when inputted then returns back to him, has very small recovery, (while hammer is away mighty strike, mighty punish, mighty spark, mighty thunder, mighty smash and mighty tornado cannot be performed.)

  12. Slightly decrease startup for all of his normals (except elbow).

  13. Mighty smash H’s charge time is reduced (assist included.)


Buffs: 1. Increase durability on all versions of Low Voltage. (assist included.)

  1. Decrease recovery and startup on all versions of Low Voltage. (assist included.)

  2. Round Trips startup is halved and has more durability.

  3. Her Lv 3 otg’s.

  4. Increase her overall damage by 15%.

  5. Increase time for hard knockdown state after landing an air or ground throw (similar to foot dive time.)

  6. Trap Specials startup slightly decreased. (assists included.)

  7. You can do a combo into a voltage super after landing a lv 3.

  8. Hopscotch now otg’s, (including the assist).

Tron Bonne

Buffs: 1. Given a new low hitting special that sends a servebot to run full screen slip then trip (speed is determined by button press.)

  1. Hitbox on jumping H is restored to its vanilla form.

  2. Drill special (and air drill) is +1 on block. (including assist.)

  3. Her Lunch Rush comes out faster due to not having tron shoot a capture state projectile.

  4. Boulder assist is replaced with Servbot Launcher where Tron shoots out a H servebot, M servebot and finally an L servebot before leaving (also with this assist your team super becomes lunch rush).

  5. Capture state no longer happens if Team super happens for lunch rush, instead the servebots just come out immediately.

  6. Her Servebot shooting specials startup is decreased and speed increased, recovery is also the same for all versions now (including the new assist.)

  7. Cr. H is now special cancellabe.

  8. Window increased to cancel from Boulder Bandit.

  9. Trons Command grab damage doesnt hitstun scale.

  10. Servebot takeout is now xfactor cancellable on hit and whiff.


Buffs: 1. Health increased to 900,000.

Nerfs: 1. Helm Breaker is -1 on block from standing opponents and is no longer special cancellable.

  1. Sword super is now defaulted to Blistering swords, for the cost of of an extra bar you can now switch to sword storm mode (changed so they dont go away when you are hit) or the spiral swords.

  2. Dimension Slash no longer randomly crosses up.

  3. Any combo that was started from using any variation of the swords super does not build meter.

Viewtiful Joe

Buffs: 1. Damage increased by 15%.

  1. Shocking Pink doesnt bounce as much (same for assist), if charged the explosion is slightly bigger.


Buffs: 1. Invincibility on counter super is regained from vanilla.

  1. Damage increased by 10%.

Nerfs: 1. Launcher is -8 on block.

  1. Phantom Dance no longer randomly crosses up.

  2. Glasses gimmick removed.


Buffs: 1. Swiss Cheese changed to QCF S.

Nerfs: 1. Can no longer combo from a dive kick trade.

  1. Recovery added on tornado claw.


Buffs: 1. Damage increased by 15%.

  1. Weapon X has startup invincibility.

  2. Charge time on slashes are reduced.

  3. Mirage Fient is air ok.

  4. You can now charge Cresent Scythe, when charged and hits it lauches them into a slowly falling hard knockdown state.

  5. St. L and cr. L hitstun and blockstun slightly increased.

  6. Crescent Scythe now has slight startup invincibility. (assist included.)

  7. Two talon attacks allowed in air, however talon cannot be cancelled into talon.


Buffs: 1. Rekkoha damage increased by 20%.

Nerfs: 1. Sengenmou super time is halved.

  1. Buster Cancels removed.

Please give out any suggestions, so i can further better my change list.

How come most of these “buffs” are nerfs?

Questionable system changes (Invincibility on snapbacks, which are already fast enough to beat out tons of stuff, etc.), questionable buffs (Kikoken causing HARD KNOCKDOWN against airborne characters, 15% damage buffs on some characters who don’t necessarily need it despite requesting a universal damage nerf, etc.), questionable nerfs (Viper’s slower Focus attack, nerfing Drones and Jam Session, etc.), and misinformation about what certain characters need (No “invisible wall” for Sent’s command grab because trying to move forward also means the character’s knockback also extends farther; Sent’s HSF wasn’t nerfed, Rocket Punch was; Chun-Li can already combo off of throws) doesn’t really make me want to get behind this.

As a Dormammu main I can confidently say that bringing back Vanilla Flame Carpet would be so…

stupid that I could never get behind the idea.

I may be wrong on certain frame data and properties (as I dont play everyone, this is all based on some research and thought) so if you see something wrong plz feel free to point it out so i can correct it.

It seems i may have made a couple mistakes on changes, thank you for pointing them out, I did research but i dont play all of these characters but I will edit the sentinel and chun li problems, also most of the 15 percent buffs are actually 5 percent buffs due to the 10 percent overall damage nerf, I also will probly change the kikoken to a soft knockdown because now that I think about it that might extend the damage on her combos to much, also the invincibility on the snapbacks would be very small.

Also the nerfs to dante’s assist need to happen due to the amount of mixups you get off the the thing, zero can get 3 50/50’s off of this assist with the fuzzy guard allowed, the sentinel nerf is due to all the buffs im giving him and the fact that its still a really good assist and it still will be, and the slower viper focus attack to make it harder for unblockable setups on incoming characters.

TBH i felt like giving this to dormammu since he really didnt need any changes but I wanted dormmamu players to have something to look forward too and I was giving a similar property to Dr. Strange so I wanted them both to have it, honestly it is sort of a take it or leave it buff but I feel most dormmamu players would enjoy having it back and it wouldnt be too strong.

After consideration the fact that several characters will be receiving no buffs other than dormmamu and considering how complete of a character dormmamu is i decided to go to NO CHANGES.

I may have overexaggerated a bit, but here are some examples:
-Phoenix Wrights standing S is already -3 on block.
-Shortening the time of Viewtiful Joe’s Shocking Pink will make it less useful as an assist (many characters use the assist to give an extra abc combo in, and it wouldn’t let Jill combo afterwards)
-V. Joe’s Desperado is good because it moves slowly

-Arthur already gains meter in Gold Armor.
-'Murica already has Backflip at ATK+S.
-As said before, Chun can combo off throws.
-Hulk’s f.M is very easy to combo

By the way, I personally think that these changes would make the game extremely broken, even by marvel standards.

Could have started with the spoiler function. Dayum.

Most Dormammu players would want it back as it was one of his strongest tools back in Vanilla. However, you must consider the fact that Ultimate Dorm is very different from Vanilla Dorm. Ultimate Dorm was buffed in movement and spell priority, so Capcom took away that specific property of Flame Carpet to force players away from turtling.

It would actually be quite ridiculous as he could use FC offensively instead of purely defensively. Vanilla FC was made for a character who was basically a chunk of molasses. Now he can do self-mixups at full screen.

There is one buff that Dorm could use: making all his 2 spell combinations permanent Liberation assists. Having 2D0C as a regular assist would largely solve the lack of assist utility he brings to a team.

On a further note, most of your Hsien-Ko buffs are unnecessary. The speed buff alone will make her a viable rushdown character and it will dramatically make her combos better; her max damage scaling is 20% but her combo potential is severely limited because she can only catch up to the body so many ways. Her Anki Hou system needs to be reorganized so players know which projectile is going out and Bomb should be its own input for solo OTG relaunches. It would be nice if Henkyo Ki had less startup but considering that it negates almost every projectile, that might be a bad idea.

Ok ill go correct these. My goal is to make everyone Marvel strong, and by that i mean all characters somewhat broken, if you could tell me what you consider too strong ill take the change into consideration.

Also on Captian side switch move does the button press determine the speed of the flip?

All right ill look into dormmamus assist as I do agree his assists can be limiting.

Also for hsien Ko did u see anything specific u didn’t like, I tried to make her Rushdown quite effect by the speed increases, and I tried to make her tools more versatile such as a gong she can follow some and an kinho in air to help zone.

I can’t stop laughing trying to imagine any of these.

You gave him a long list of ludicrous buffs yet none of them actually address what is wrong with his design and why he is so bad (Poor mobility, awful normals, game plan based around random chance, etc).

Really, I am legitimately laughing imagining a stun state caused by the missile assist and an instant start-up, fully invincible and unpublishable 1-meter super.

And then you still leave Zero with corner-crossup lightning and Buster cancel?

It’s an admirable goal to make everyone strong but with many of the characters you are buffing you are overdoing it. You claim to have done research. You should do more.

oh my goodness. sorry TLDR.

Yea it’s pretty long.

Like I said just tell me what I’m over doing it with and ill consider changing my list.

Mr wright is meant to suck until turn about mode, I only focused on making it easier to find evidence and keeping opponents out, and i tried to make his objection be his only good space control move similar to the pipe, his only goal should be turnabout mode that’s why I only focused on getting him there.

There’s a lot to say so I won’t go into specifics. Felicia’s buffs are ludicrous. Ryu’s changes are ludicrous. Phoenix Wright’s changes are ludicrous.

You do stuff like making Doom’s missiles go away on hit and some nerfs to Vergil’s swords but then let Haggar have free lariats with no life lost, Strange with an air dash, projectile invincible supers everywhere, Hawkeye’s arrows faster (he already had some fullscreen arrow loops and now you made it easier), free upgrades to Spiral Swords, and so on.

You need to think through your own changes more and do more research, you have not made a better game with this change list.

Several of those changes are fine I feel like u just don’t want alot of changes to the current game, I feel there is alot wrong with it but I understand if u don’t want drastical changes, even though they are what this game needs.

If I could talk in person it would be alot easier for me to get through why I did certain things, I mostly felt those characters were lacking so I gave them alot.