My Thoughts on BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 Plus

Let me first say I am very disappointed to Arc System Works! I was hoping for BlazBlue 3 after the release of CS2. But no they made another update to Continuum Shift! This update only has one new playable character Relius Clover and more balancing changes again. So far as I know I don’t think they nerfed any Ragna’s moves and combos from CS2. I’m pretty sure I tested them out before so I’m okay with that. But that’s all this updates has. No Kokonoe, no Jubei, no Phantom. I’m very disappointed.

I heard news that they won’t release Relius as a DLC character and the CS2+ update as a free downloadable patch for Continuum Shift. I may be mistaken because I asked if there’s going to be Relius as DLC character and CS2+ as a free DLP on YouTube and 5 users replied they’re going to re-release Continuum Shift on another game disc called “Continuum Shift Extend”. I am not going to throw away my $40 on that game! I want BlazBlue 3! I want to know what’s going to happen on the next BlazBlue’s Story! But they’re still making updates to Continuum Shift! Also, on my last thread I posted about the new BlazBlue game in development was a mistake. BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend IS a new BlazBlue game because it’s going to be released on another game disc. It wasn’t talking about BlazBlue 3.

If they’re going to keep on making more updates to Continuum Shift instead of making BlazBlue 3, that’s fine. I have run out of patience to wait for BlazBlue 3. I’m selling away my BlazBlue games for good. I don’t care about BlazBlue nor do I care about its story anymore because now I HATE BLAZBLUE AND ARC SYSTEM WORKS! BBCS2+ only has one new playable character and more balancing changes. That’s all this update has.


BTW I live In Japan and I always go to the arcades and play games there.

who cares what do you think
and who gives a fuck about the story
fighting games are first of all about the damn competition
bbcsex is more than just a new character, it has balance changes, and has also game mechanic tweaks things that are way more important than knowing if litchi kisses bang or not

if they are releasing it its because there are people who truly wants a new revision of the game, people who know what it is a Fighting Game, not a damn visual novel


It is true they’re releasing the EXTEND update to Continuum Shift as a disk. It would’ve been better if they released BB3 directly, I’m agreeing with you on that, because it’s a much more logical choice to do. But for whatever reason, they didn’t. Maybe it’s because they’re not ready with the next chapter of the Blazblue story saga, or maybe they just want more money. I don’t really know, these are just guesses.

However, BBCSEX does have enough new content to warrant a new disc: in addition to a new character, story mode for the DLC characters (so that’s Makoto, Valkenhayn, Platinum and Relius), additional story scenes, new modes for offline play like Unlimited Wars and Abyss mode, new online team modes like 2vs2, 3vs3 and 2vs4, and, most importantly, the balance changes and system changes.

Well, that, and they made the BBCS disk be able to support the BBCS2 update and 3 DLC characters (i.e. Plat, Makoto and Valk), so they have to release a new disk, because they can’t update the BBCS disk anymore.

I’m not trying to persuade you to buy the game, that is completely your choice. I’m only giving you info so that you can make an informed decision.

We can argue back and forth until we’re blue in the face about whether some new story mode content and one new character is enough features to merit a new disc and no one is going to convince anyone of anything, but this line here is nonsense. It’s software. It can be updated. In fact, it’s practically the same software that runs at arcades…which ARE getting updated. The whole “Oh, they can’t do it, it doesn’t support any more” is nonsense.

I personally believe they’ve made a serious mistake by not at least adding a BBCS:EX free balance patch for CS2. It doesn’t need to include ANY other features (except being able to play AGAINST Relius. He doesn’t even need to be selectable), but a forced disc update with so little content for competitive players (Other than the ‘coulda just been DLC’ balance changes) is just asking to fracture the player base by having people not buy the required new version.

Time will tell, I suppose.

Well, that line I posted is more hearsay than anything, but I heard that they only had placeholder files for 3 characters (Mak, Valk and Plat).

I agree with you, it was actually stupid to even make BB:CSEX, because they could’ve waited and made BB3 and released it with story, more than 1 extra character and the new modes. That was an illogical choice on ArcSys’s part. But I’m still gonna buy it.

Oh, in b4 the “BUT BBCS2 WAS FREE THEY NEED TO MAKE MONEY!!!” brigade.

i love how all of you ignore how bussines works
good luck to any of you if you even try to start one

$20 for dlc would have been fair.

And I guess I don’t understand how business works, because it seems to me that bandwith would be cheaper than pressing discs, printing manuals, and paying people to haul my product to market on boats, planes, trains and trucks.

seriously people, are you aware that more than probable they dont get enough proffit with the dlc aproach
and believe me, i also would LOVE a dlc update ala ssf4ae, for many reasons but being realistic that woudlnt happen
not everyone who bought bbcs bought the dlc chars, it would be very optimistic to think that at least something between 20 to 30% of the people who bought bbcs bought at least 2 of the 3 dlc chars
yes you save the money of printing the discs and other stuff, but in the long run you dont always get the optimal profit of it
also you are forgetting that in order to make the dlc updates possibles you need to build the software with that in mind, and still there is a limit of what you can update and how much you can do it
not to mention the politics of xbox 360 and ps3 about the free updates

I’m sure Arc Sys may have been able to make an upgrade kit like Capcom did with AE, but I don’t mind paying for another disc. Other than additional monetary gain, there may be other reasons why the release will be on disc this time around.

Better yet, let’s be proactive about the situation and ask Arc Sys on their boards to get some sort of answer ^___^

yo…i like how the op only bitch about ranga LOL

i agree with everything hecatom said in this thread. they tryin to make a profit. and if you LOVE this game enough you’re gonna buy it. if you don’t then oh well. its the same with AE we only got 4 fucking characters in that game but everyone is buying it for the changes not cause "OMG THEY WON’T RELEASE SF5 :frowning: "

Guys, this is just how it works. Get ready for 2 or 3 more revisions of marvel. Maybe 1 or two more of SF4. They are cashing in on the latest boom of fighting games. That’s all there is to it.