My theory on what akuma does in the raging demon

ok, theres alot of speculation on what akuma does in the darkness of his raging demons ie, 15 punches in 1 sec for super, 27 punches in 2.5 secs, and i say punches cause he is master of the fist so i dont think he attacks with his kicks.

My theory is as he starts the Shun Goku Satsu he has the teleport animation and then glides towards his opponent, and i think thats a main part of how he can bust out all those punches.

in the darkness…

Basicly once he grabs them as it goes dark he is in teleport mode but still able to attack, and he pivots around the doomed opponent at blistrering speed like a tornado and the opponent is in the eye of the storm, as he circles the opponent he lets out his flurry of punches at different heights all over their body as you can see in the animation of the strikes when the raging demon is inprogress.

In my head this can explains why he hits them so many times and they are still upright and then at the end they fall, if akuma were just to punch someone 15/27 times from one angle physics tells us they would fall and move across the screen.

just my theory anyone else got an idea?


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I could’ve sworn Akuma and his opponent had a nice picnic, with sandwiches and everything, considering the only people hit by it in the cannon seem to have walked away just fine.
The ping is probably just the kettle whistling for his tea.

Jesus Christ, another one of these? Where’s my nigga West?

literally the first thing that came to mind when i red the first sentence of the first post of this thread…