My TE Stick got Scratched while on a flight

I found many very minor scratches on the stick. However, I kind of got obsessed with the scratches and can’t keep my mind out of it.

This topic is more of a personal request. I need help and advice to help me stand this problem. I have this problem that I become obsessed with stuff and it hurts. The arcade stick seems perfect when the light doesn’t show the scratches and the stick and buttons works as if new and as comfortably as new. I know that and I’m still obsessed. :frowning:

Where are the scratches?

On the case itself. I can also see some on the buttons, but only when there is enough light. And they are so minor that I can’t actually notice the difference. The stick is in perfect conditions. In fact, if I took a photo you wouldn’t notice any scratch at all (Unless I’d have an incredible camera in an area of full light,).

Just ask bill


No fair! It just ships to Canada and the US. :frowning:

If it’s minor (like, reaaaally light), there might be some nano waxes (check in the auto department of your local hardware store) that could fill in the scratches. There’s also some of those things that can repair CD scratches that could work.

They’re REALLY minor. But are you sure those actually work on the TE Stick? I once tried to use toothpaste on my PSP’s screen because a lot of people used to say it took out scratches. Let’s say it didn’t end up well.

Whichever idiot, Told you to put toothpaste on a lcd screen, Please openly beat the shit out of him for me.

I second this notion.

I tried using the nano wax on my shiny ipod nano back and it got some really minor stuff out. But of course, before you go all out, you might want to try it out on a very inconspicuous place to confirm this. Oh, one thing: don’t use any buffing compounds. I think they contain a very fine abrasion stuff. The TE stuff, I think, is made from plastic (or something similar) and shouldn’t be reactive with the wax stuff. Just don’t try to put any paint thinners or something like that. Your TE might end up having warped parts or even worse - holes.

Another thing you maaay want to try is the car lacquer pens. I haven’t personally tried this stuff so I’m not sure how well it works to fill in light scratches or whether it will react to the plastic.

check out youtube for tutorials on how to remove scratches from plastic shit like ipod’s and sony psp’s and use the same techniques you learned on the te stick.