My Stuff

Havnt posted here in a LONG time, but I wanna upload some stuff new and old.

First pic is a fan art of the comic Apolonia No!

Brave Fencer Musashi

My version of Ryo Sakazaki.

Street Fighter 4 Ryu concept

One of my original characters, Tenma

Same as above, but with inks

Hey TAS, it’s been a while! Is that drawing of Ryu your rendition of the sketch you saw of the older Ryu that Capcom denied as Fan Art?

It kind of is, and isnt, Ive taken liberties with it. Like the neckalace, the kanji on one sleeve and a dragon on the other, and he’s wearing Oro’s robe over his gi, but its hard to tell since there’s no color.

Older Batsu

Same as above, but with colors

Older Batsu (again)

Beserker Ryu

Amy (Guile’s daughter)

Chun Li

I only did the inks

Cody (drawn by Rey, inks by me)

Same as above, but colored by me

Datta (Dhalsim’s son)

Datta (color)

Mayoke (Chun Li’s daughter) - made up her name

Mel Masters (Ken’s son)

Mel’s Gi