My stick isn't working on kawaks 1.58

Ok, if you know how to solve the problem, I Owe you big time. Also, don’t tell me to use Mame instead of kawaks to solve the problem, as the stick works on Mame fine, but I don’t want to use mame for playing.

So, I bought VSHG, Virtua stick high grade from, and it’s just fantastic, but for some reason the stick won’t work on Kawaks 1.58. Buttons are working fine though.

Any suggestions on how to solve this problem?

Does it work when you test it in the Game Controllers in Control Panel? Try using JoyToKey or XPadder.

When I go to

Control panel -> Game controllers -> Properties -> Test tab

It seems to react on all buttons that I press, and of course the stick too perfectly, so now I think I know that the problem isn’t on stick… well you tell me :confused:

So the problem sounds like its Kawaks. Do keyboard inputs work in Kawaks? like WASD for the directionals? If so go download JoyToKey and set up the stick to the WASD, like W for UP on the stick, A to LEFT, S to DOWN, D to RIGHT. After setting it up, save it. Exit the program and load it again. Then open up your Kawaks and see if that works.

Thanks a lot T_T !!!

It’s working fine now! I owe you big time! Just tell me if there’s anything I can ever do for you and I will~!

no problem man, glad I could help a fellow gamer :tup:

i changed the thread title :3