My skill at SSFIV seems highly perishable

Sometimes I’ll play all day long on a Saturday, and after several hours I’ll become competitive with players who have 2K or so more PP than me. The next day, I’ll play again and my PP will spike as I win a number of matches. At this point I’ll be pretty competitive with virtually everyone I run into except for the small number of really skilled players online at a given time.

Then the work week begins, and I barely have time to play at all. Sometimes 3-4 days will pass where I don’t touch the game. When I eventually log on, I can only compete with new players unless I dedicate several hours to playing. I get totally creamed by the same people who I was literally destroying just the previous weekend, it’s really bizarre.

I imagine you are a new, and pretty inconsistent player. Get used to it. You’re not the only person training and trying to improve and at a lower level its easier for people to jump in front of each other in terms of skill.

If you could quantify skill, I would describe the improvements of novice level players as being measurable in PowersofTen.

Basically going to have to cram in more time/practice into playing than most people.

The hallmark of greatness is consistency, and it’s a goal worth working towards. Also, if you are only getting to play in small bursts, you are going to have to evaluate if you are using your playtime wisely. For example, working on something that is a hole in your game and getting it patched up will pay greater dividends in the long run that plateauing online every weekend. By being focused and attentive on addressing your weaknesses, you will be able to make up for the fact that you aren’t getting the extended playtime that others get.