My site, Fighting Game Legacy, is born!

I’ve been wanting to make a fighting game themed website for some time now, and now here it is!

The link below is the old tripod version of the site and is no longer being supported (check it out at your own risk)

The link below is the new version of the site and will be supported for now on:

Keep in mind that the website is not complete yet. There are many things I’ve yet to put on the site. One of the many things I’ll add at a later time are articles. They will range from games, game series, real world issues concerning fighting games, etc. Another thing I’ll add will be the Arcade Perfect or not lists that have been in discussion for a while now. These are but some of the things my site will have.

I hope that all of you will give your thoughts out so that Fighting Game Legacy can become one the best fighting game websites ever.

did you start working on this in 1998?

The layout was kind of broken in Safari. Maybe I should try Netscape 4.0?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Well, I dig the timeline. I hope it becomes a good alternative to the Fighters Generation site.

Yeah, the timeline was nice. Are you going to add in console revisions?



Yo Thanks man! Yeah, it seems so. I was going to use geocites (I was familiar with it before), but since I read that they are discontining in Oct 2009 I wanted to use something that I could manage until I find something better.

Actually, no. By 1998, I did not have an interest in fighting games. It wasn’t until 1999 that I got an interest in fighting games (starting w/ Soul Calibur on DC). Most of the content in the site I did today. I will continue to improve the site with as much information as possible, and I hope that all of you can help me with any thoughts/input/incite/etc that could improve the site.

Thanks for the input guys! BEEFY_JR, I’m glad you asked! Yes, I will include any and all console revisions as well (not sure how I’ll handle collections right now). Every fighting game from every system, both good and bad. I might need some help with the Doujin games though. There are so many, plus I don’t know anywhere in the net that lists everyone.

That is ok, I’m still experimenting on the layout. Trying to include my favorite color orange into the theme.

I meant that to rip on you using tripod. I haven’t seen anyone use that webhost since 98. Nobody is going to respect a site done on tripod. It’s just a sad truth. Better off signing up for a blog. Seems like your knowledge of building sites is super limited, and a wack looking presentation won’t get many readers.

No 3D games like VF or Tekken in the timeline eh? Strictly for 2D?

Fucking 2009 and people are STILL doing DBZ names? It’s like I went back in time…

Is this a joke? 'Tis funny.

I don’t get what your fighting game timeline is suppose to be. If it’s just a list of all fighting games, KLOV already does a good job covering the arcade ones.

At least this thread gave your website some hits!



That is probably true. I could use as much help as possible.

No, I’m including all fighting games. I just have not gotten to them yet.

Yeah, that might be the case. What web hosting site would recommend then? I have a decent knowledge of HTML (did more than 3 classes for HTML). I already made the site with my own HTML skills, but since I couldn’t upload what I already did to tripod, I sorta had to do it from scratch (copy&paste). So yeah, it would be great if you guys could recommend something better, so I could upload what I already done.

old school!

^More like Mortuary School, I haven’t seen a tripod site in years xD

LOL. sick site dude… can i join ur webring?

‘no frames’ version plz.


Buy a domain through godaddy, they provide ad based hosting for free to go with it and its only like 10 bucks a year. It beats the hell out of using a service that died when most of us were in grade school.

Godaddy uh? Thanks for the tip MasterKojiro! 10 bucks a year? Now that is good, I’ll see what I can do to transfer all my stuff.

Until then, continue making those jokes guys, I’m kinda enjoy them somewhat (can’t believe nobody made a time machine type joke).