My SfxT tier list

Looks decent. Have you extensively gone through the PS3 exclusives?

I have to say Jack 6 is not B tier, S tier at bare minimum; same goes for Sim, Lili, Hwoarang and Sagat. Cole should at least be in the B tier and Megaman is actually a decent zoner High C tier at least, Ibuki and Balrog should be higher(next to Rolento), Lars I have not a damn clue how good he is but definitely not S tier and Cody is definitely at the top.

Other than that I agree with everyone else’s placing as many characters have not been explored yet.

We have a balance thread for this stuff.

Gief is higher tiered and cody too, for the rest the list seems pretty accurate.

Though a Kuma-player won that one tournement


Vega, Sim, Sagat should be a lot higher
And Hugo is still pretty strong

Sakura should drop a few tiers

No I guessed there placement based on how long i’ve played against them. I only play Asuka/Lili/Ken/Cammy/Ryu/Akuma. I practice with a few others but for the most i based it on online experience.

I tried to get everyone on the list to not look like they are bundled up so i moved them up higher. I think cody is pretty decent. I based all of this off of online experience so some of this may be flawed.

Hwoarang below blanka? Ibuki shouldn’t be that low aswell :<

I seeeee, but if you don’t already know as of now Cody is amazing, I suggest you find someone who abuses his boost combos, all off them are safe at a healthy distance 0_0 and really everyone should chip in and open up a universal tier list discussion and partner tier list threads.

Out of curiosity, why is Vega so low?

Blanka above Hwoarang??? Uhhhhh yea yoo rite…

I wasn’t sure about him so i referenced him to someone elses tier list and placed him on the same spot. I didn’t put much thought into his placement tbh

I referenced him to someone elses tier list and placed him similarly to that since i wasn’t sure. I consider all the DLC characters powerful. I even think some are retarded.

Alisa: Despite the low damage i have played matches where she outbeat all of my moves when waking up. Her chainsaw attack always are able to beat mine and i believe they have amazing reach. I haven’t played this game completely serious to discover all the cons, but for every time I’ve played against, they have always been spam happy.

Blanka: He’s Blanka :stuck_out_tongue:

Bryan: can easily catch people who hasn’t played him off by a lot. I can’t find a lot of punishable things against him since I play characters like asuka and my ps3 pad is retarded and I can’t get most inputs on time.

Cody: Made for spammiest of all spammers. I’ve always had a hate for cody ever since sf4 since people can most of time mash hit confirms into damaging combos. cody has a decent AA, nice combo ability, and good damage potential in my eyes.

Lei: Had little experience with this character. Same with alisa I went against mainly spamming Leis and couldn’t find a way to punish them.

Lars: I think he is a very good character and I haven’t really developed a grudge towards this character at all.

Sakura: Decent. Nothing much to say. I mained her in Sf4, but not in sfxt since I didn’t buy the DLC

Dudley: I think he’s very damaging and tricky like he was in Sf4. can’t find anything different about him and basically going through the same trouble as before

Elena: stupid DP. People spam her moves for days online to the point that i hate seeing her.

Christie: Nothing much. I think she’s decent and can be very effective on the right team but just haven’t seen it yet.

Fair enough. I personally think he’s in the upper-mid tier area at worse, due to his great pokes and ability to convert off them (even if it might cost some meter to get bigger damage)

I consider him the same as he was in SF4. Very dangerous if you don’t know how to avoid things like mix ups. His pokes are retardedly strong to me, making you block at just any close distance

Sakura is a whole lot worse in this game. She should shoot quite a bit down unfortunately.

I guess you’re right since I really hav

I guess you’re right. you know you can edit this right? you can change mine and get a new link url and make it your own.

My first tier list but I think it’s pretty good considering how much characters have been explored.

Better than mine to be honest. mine is very unorganized. It was actually my first time using these things and basing everything on online play and lack of experience. I’m glad mine came out decent

Look… I appreciate the effort and I encourage match-up discussion but there’s other threads for that:

Balance thread:

Thread closed.