My Sanwa Joystick isn't working

Ok, so I bought all of the parts for building my own fight stick to use on SFV on PS4.

All of the buttons are working but the joystick isn’t. I have it properly connected with the cable but I can’t get anything from it.

What can I do to find out if it’s the cable, the port on the encoder or the stick itself?

Does my encoder only being a PC encoder and not PC/PS3 encoder have anything to do with it?

if the buttons work, then i would imagine that it being a pc encoder isn’t an issue. it’s also seems very unlikely that a new (?) JLF is defective. maybe you plugged the 5-pin harness to the pins on the sanwa upside down?

No. I made sure the connections were the right way. I even flipped them the other way just to make sure. What can I do to know if it’s the stick, the cable or the connection on the PCB? Also, there is two led lights on the PCB a red and a green. What do either mean?

double check the wiring for your 5 pin harness.

Also note not all harnesses are made the same and sometimes the colors are wrong.
Sanwa and Seimitsu makes the exact same harness but the Seimitsu harness has the colors in a different order.

You also need to let us know what board you are using, otherwise those red and green lights mean nothing to us

Take clear pictures of your setup, and then we can really help you troubleshoot.
Otherwise, you really haven’t given us much to go on.

This is the encoder I have
Jiu Man Zero Delay USB Encoder To PC Games Controllers For Arcade Joystick Sanwa DIY Kits Parts Mame Games ( 5Pin + 2.8mm Cables )

I am using the 5pin connectorthat came with it. I would use the cable that came with the stick but one end is just lose wires and I have no way of soldering or putting a connector end on it right now.

Here are some high res pics

Ok. I feel like a total dumbass now. After inspecting the PCB and its labels I realized that the red and green light were for what mode it was in in regards I’m assuming to sanwa input or happ style connections. By taking one of my buttons and connecting it to mode input and switching it my stick now registers inputs in game.

I believe that one of those lights is the power LED, and one just flashes when you’re using autofire. Glad you got it sorted out, but I’m pretty sure that mode button toggles between the stick registering as a d-pad and a left stick. You can run joy.cpl in Windows to see if that’s what switches when you press it. Might be useful in the future, if you’re playing a game that only reads one or the other.

thanks for letting us know.

i wired up one of those made in china “zero delay” pcbs last week as well. the red light is just a power led that stays on all the time. is your green light on or off now? i did not wire any button to my mode terminal either and the green light remains off. it does work though.

The red light was on by default but by switching mode it goes off and the green one comes on.