My Roommate Infinite Vs Team Trash Florida

The thread is self-explanatory.

Mike Infinite vs Blazingflo FT10 for $100
Mike Infinite vs Alex Garvin FT10 for $100
Mike Infinite vs FlashMetroid FT10 for $100
Mike Infinite vs Eder FT10 for $1,000

Me and Mike are going to bet for the first 3 people but with eder. I am just willing to put $100-300. Mike is going to back himself IDK. Yeaaaa

So who does everyone like?

i like mike, michael, mickey, and miguel.


lol nice thread

now Justin, it’s not nice to call Team Florida “trash.” They are certainly not trash.

They’re more like the recycling bin next to your trash. Maybe if we melted them down, we could use the leftovers to recreate newer, better gamers. :rofl:

Sorry, it was just out there and I had to take it.

Where is Vercette in all of this wagering? I bet he would play Infinite for money too.

Since the shit is self-explanatory I’ll cover them both and the game is Guilty Gear. Their game is tighter than Phil’s lips on a 9 inch dick.

fl has other gamers other than Alex G???

Yeah, but we don’t take bets in maize, Squanto.

silence parappa. it is u who needs to be more chun??? wait what did i just say? does that make sence?

also i forgot bout zerog. my bad.

This is hilarious coming from the biggest piece of shit on SRK nigga your complete trash in every damn game except for that game that anyone can learn to play in 5 minutes but nobody really wants to put in the time becuase its basic/broken/old as hell the grab), walk under meaty rinse and repeat

goodshit you dumbass

PS - I dont know if you heard but I found out when I was like 7 but…wrestling is fake :lol:

wow, just…wow.

sounds like you’re mad your daddy just buttfucked you…but i digress!

florida sucks, period.

also try to say that to any OG ST player and see how long your teeth stay intact.

I would comeback and say where ever you come from sucks too but honestly I dont even know where that is…but im sure it sucks

good shit though you can get back to your mongay night raw or whatever its called these days:confused:

Florida is trash but somehow you managed to lose 1000$ to it good shit champ care to lose some more?

Yea but they don’t get bitch-slapped in public. Or snitch for that matter.:rolleyes:

P.S: Best of luck to all. I’m sure this will be entertaining.



dsp, you’re gettin a lil nutty in here, hasn’t florida taken your money every time that you’ve been dumb enough to open your mouth like this?

i like the thread title

That too.

Good call Mike.:rofl:

I want same bets money mike has. <3

I like infinite for these matches. It’ll be cool to see this guy go against the top players from florida!

Get em Mike!

You crazy?

Has Infinite learned the infinite yet?

Ill play infinite for $1000. ft10

Ill mirror match his team the WHOLE way.

let me know.