My Replays Erase the Opponent's Name

The opponent’s name doesn’t show up when they’re in my replay lobby, and after a few days it doesn’t even show up for me anymore, just “PLAYER 1” or “PLAYER 2” depending on the slot. Has anyone had similar problems, and if so do you know how to stop this from happening?

Its a bug that was in the PC versions earlier but they fixed it, dunno if you’re on the console one though.

Don’t know if this applies to your situation but if you aren’t online at the time of viewing the replay the names will be replaced with Player 1 and Player 2.

I play on xbl.

Names are withheld to protect the innocent.

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Also I’ve seen youtube videos showing that same bug you mentioned so it might be widespread soon.

Problem and solution of a BUG: Replays Erase the Opponent Name and only show PLAYER1 or PLAYER2

i found a solution for this bug. The names are still inside of the replay files under
but they are encrypted. so you cannot read the names from the replay files.
Go into your replay channel and press enter on a saved replay. Now klick the button for the playercard (PageDown on PC) and you can see the real player ID (instead of PLAYER1 or PLAYER2) of your opponent from the saved replay.
Now leave the replay channel.
Now go into your replay channel AGAIN and press enter on ANY saved replay and you will see the names of your opponents.

Every time you close and RE-start the game you have to do this, hey, but it works.
Better than nothing.