My pictures from EVO 2017

I’ve posted my flickr album, just in case anyone is interested in seeing them.

Although I’ll ask: Did you watch EVO and if you did, did you enjoy it?

Been watching EVO since 2009, gets better every year. :slight_smile: Capcom Fighters’ stream was WAY better than last year, avoiding all the e-sports junk, ESPN2 coverage seemed absolutely chaotic at first, but was alright when they guys got into the swing of things. Sound needed work yet again. Still not into the whole e-sports spotlight crap - maybe it’s because here in the UK we do things a little differently to the US, lol! The USA producers tend to use excessive CGI, and getting folks to pose for the camera, etc, makes me cringe…

Thanks for sharing the pics! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing. Here are my pics and videos:

It’s only a small fraction of the pictures/videos that I took. I got quite a lot of off-stream matches, and a couple of money matches too. I’ll get around to uploading them at some point.

Poor Punk taking the L this year, Tokido came and rob him of his wealth

All I got was being in the background of a Daigo interview

I’m a New Zealander and attended this year’s Evo for the very first time, despite wanting to go for 13 years and have a wife and a baby. My wife was very kind to let me go to Evo with a couple of mates this year (and San Diego Comic Con the following week). So it was an expensive and long flight, and I wouldn’t have been able to do this trip at all, if I had to take my wife and kid. It would’ve been a VERY different trip. But for me, the experience started when I got off the monorail at Mandalay Bay, and the Chinese contingent were in the same tram as me, e.g. Xiaohai, Dakou, Xiaobao, etc. As well as hundreds of other people making their way towards the convention centre. When I got my badge and walked through the doors, it was just such a surreal experience. The convention centre is massive, and everything I loved about Street Fighter was there - hardware, merch, art, old game setups, players, etc. It was unbelievable as getting any kind of Street Fighter merchandise is near impossible in NZ.

The very first match I spectated was Daigo, and he was going to play on the big screen, and he had a film crew with him filming every single moment. It was unreal that this gaming prodigy that I’ve been a huge fan of for years (since Evo Moment 37) was right in front of me! I was surprised that hardly anyone approached him for a photo or talk, but I respectfully gave him some space to prepare for his match. I managed to get a selfie with him after his match, and I was the happiest guy. When I was in London in 2008, he came to visit the local FCG which was TINY and had a couple of hundred people. I was too shy to talk to him or get a photo with him, but his popularity just gets bigger and bigger every year, and I knew that I would KICK myself for not meeting him. So I eventually did. This is the guy that’s almost been responsible for the growth of the FGC cos of that Evo Moment. He was drawing the BIGGEST crowds in every pool match, especially in Day 2, and it was hard to get a good viewing angle at times. But hey, it’s all part of the experience! It was surreal seeing all the names that I’ve been watching on streams for years just mere metres aways - PR Rog, Justin Wong, Yipes, Alex Valle, SAJAM, FWord, Daigo, Tokido, Eita, Itazan, SnakeEyes etc.

Day 2 was just insane, and every pool had a top seeded player, and it was impossible to watch all the matches I wanted to watch. Again - all part of the experience. It’s so good being spoilt for choice instead of being restricted to watching one or two SFV streams. I got pictures with GamerBee, Yipes, Daigo, Tokido, Ono, Itazan, Justin Wong, Momochi, and Sako… I was so friggin’ happy! I loved every moment of it. Like James Chen mentioned, I didn’t even have time to eat anything the whole day cos I was just wanting to catch all the excitement. The hype, the money matches, the casuals, the interaction, the emotions… And that grand final… what more can I say that hasn’t already been said? I lost my voice and I uploaded a reaction video of me at the Grand Final just flipping out over the Tokido vs Punk match. This was a dream Evo to attend, and hopefully not the last.