My own Fan made Character for Street Fighter

Name:Tsoro Obajagun
Birthdate:April 6
Fighting Style: Hybrid Martial Arts(Boxing,Taekwondo,Hapkido,Jujutsu)
Inspiration:Israel Adansya,Bobby Ologun
Special Moves:-
Earth Mover: Seismic wave attack
Panther Fang: powerful knee kick technique
Elephant Tusk: an tackle attack
Orisha Throw: an throwing technique
Likes:his family,Fufu,Egusi soup,Dee Jay,Ryu
Blood Type:B+
Weight:221 lbs
Dee Jay
Background Story:
Tsoro lived in Lagos,Nigeria with his family.
His father is an well-respected military police officer.his father has found a connection between terrorist group and mysterious organization run by Urien.
When trying to giving the evidence to his superiors but he was framed by his former partner for supporting terrorism and sentenced for 27 years in prison.
15 years ago,his father died of an illness,
Tsoro become sad and frustrated of his death.his family moved to japan and his mother married his father’s best friend and also a professional fighter.
Tsoro and his stepfather become closed and trained him to become powerful and strong fighter.
He participate every MMA tournament around the World and win every one.
I wish my character will playable in the next Street Fighter game in the future

We already have Sean, don’t need another jobber