My original character

Cross between Goku, Ryu, Ryo, and a cool ass stand user.
Thats just what I think but hey I only drew it so what do I know.

peace out
Super Shade!

hmmmmmm pretty interesting…


No points for trying…

Come on yall what do ya think u can say it looks like a tripple decker shit sandwich but just say something…

peace out
super shade

It looks cool, but there aren’t many responses that go around on the art section. Seeing HVS here surprised me since I don’tever remember him posting in the art side before.


nice,I do remember seeing you sketch that. Glad you put it up:)

it looks like the guy from the bouncer’s head with the body of Ryo with extra muscles…

That’s pretty good…

Ahhh here it is…

vaguely resembles talbaineric’s muscle style. his arms look a little short, but thats all.

Don’t tempt me to say anything. I’ll only be called a hater by the other users…


You gotta nice style of shading. As for original, boo! I on the other hand do like the mucles, kind of a buffer Ryu/Ryo thing with Bruce Lee shoes.:lol: I dont draw at all though so dont beat me up.

Bye Bye now

Why dont I think this guy is giving me a compliment?
So uh thanks?

peace out Super Shade

Regardless, good piece man, as always!

call through when you get a chance so we can get those pics colored yo!

Squad O 4 eva!

I’m out!


It looked like Son Goku (Dragonball) Good Work!!!

I know this is old but I wanted my homie to c this…

I have always liked that pic. You had one I like more but I don’t remember it. Maybe I should put some of my shit up too…If I could finish it.

his arms are too short… but nice job tho