My new videos

Hey guys, I don’t come here too often these days, and, when I do, is usually just to read the strategies shared by the FGC. These forums are definetly my main sorce of information when it comes to fighting game tips. I’m sorry if maybe I’m posting this in the wrong section or something. I did look around, but couldn’t find the right place to do it, so I figured here would be ok, since most of the stuff is related to SF5.

Anyways, I’m have a youtube channel where I do mostly sarcastic videos related to video games (not necessarily fighting games, but usually inspiration comes from the stuff you enjoy the most). Recently I’ve been making some new things and I’d like to share the links here and see if there’s anyone willing to take a look. So here they are:

10 Things to Complain About Street Fighter V:
(sarcasm warning)

(Since it’s a little on the larger side, I made a two part version. Here’s the first one)

Who Would Win Street Fighter V:
(this one is not so much humor as it is a sort of pointless, fun discussion)

Fight as Ken: A Master Choice
(A satiric music video. Not really new, but I think it’s a good way to end this post)

Well, that’s it. Any visit will be greatly appreciated.

PS: If there’s a better place to post this, can an ADM move it to the right section?