My new stick

After seeing some great work in the custom stick thread, it encouraged me to make a new stick.Actually this will be my second stick,my first one was horrible lol but it worked.

I asked pc1x1 for some help and decided to make this stick with his dimensions,maybe a bit smaller,so i went to home depot and bought some acrylic,the knife to cut it and i got the wood from a guy that i know.

Here are some pics of my work in progress:

what type of wood are you using and how did you stick it together?

i’ve been thinking about making my own stick for a while now but i dont know whether i should build it from scratch or modify a an old stick.

You are going to use HAPP? that stick wont fit Sanwa or Seimitsu at all.

Weird, I thought I posted a comment earlier. I said the construction was excellent, but wondered why the side buttons are so low.

Looks like it is coming along nicely. When it is finished be sure to post it in the “I Love My Custom Stick” thread.

Looks pretty good so far, like Bomberman, I too was wondering why you chose to put the side buttons so far towards the front?

Also thinner wood may have been a better choice for the top panel. You are limited to your buttons, like Jaxel mentioned, Sanwa (or even Seimitsu) won’t work as the panel is too thick. But if you’re using Happ, then that’s ok.

Wow! i got a question, wich template you use to make the holes for the case?? (and did you printed first?) i really want the same alignment for my custom sanwa… it looks great… please keep us fresh; regards!

I’m using plywood,and i used nails to stick it together and filler too because the wood was cracked at the top,also i had to hit the nails a little bit more into the wood and then applied some filler on top of them because when i paint it,it’ll have a flat surface and no visible nails

I was planning to put the side buttons in the upper panel but later decided to put them at the side so that when im playing i wont hit the start button in the middle of a game.

I’m planning to put a sanwa JLF,but like i said it’s still a work in progress and the top panel isnt complete yet so i’ll have to cut where the hole for the stick is to fit the sanwa

I used this template
I just printed it and then placed it in the top panel,marked the center of the holes and started to drill them,it was very easy to do and im very happy how the stick is turning out.Only thing left to do is to order the buttons, the JLF ,paint it and the artwork.I don’t have any experience painting so i hope this will turn out ok.

Really guys thanks for the comments :bgrin:,i’ll keep u all updated

I would use a Sanwa JLW in there. It’s a lot more wood friendly then the JLF.

Hello there… well i want to ask again about the top layout…

I printed two different layouts (the one you told me and another that i took from joystickvault), but any of them are very tiny and of course don’t work for me… any sugestion (maybe a reconfig on the printer xD)?

The most closer result i got was changing the size to 100% to 150% (but it seems too bigger now).

Best regards!

Here is a photoshop Japanese layout. It should print out the right size for you. You can check, the buttons should be exactly 30mm in diameter.

Yes it looks good for now (i have to wait until monday to get printed that template)… you will hear news from me soon xD

Thank you!

I just opened it with internet explorer and printed it and that was it,it was perfect

I have to check the diferences between a JLF and JLW because i have never played on a JLW

The first one here is a JLF

The second one here is a JLW

Most notable difference is the way the switches are wired up. Other than that, the JLW is reported to be a tighter stick with less throw. There may be other differences, but those are the main ones.

Alot of people prefer the JLF over the JLW as it’s considered to be the superior stick. I’ve got one of each in my two sticks and they’re both good. I do prefer the JLF though.

Thanks for the info,i still want to put a sanwa JLF.

Today i put on the first coat of primer on my stick,im thinking of maybe 4 or 5 coats,i bought a pack of 220, 320 and 400 sandpaper

Here are some pics:

I got that plate from the JLF i have on my T4 stick,but i need the sanwa stick to test it on the top panel so i’ll be ordering the stick and the buttons very soon

I know the wood on the two sides here look a little bad but that doesnt matter because thats on the botton so i dont get to see it when im playing

You can just fill that in with putty and repaint the bottom…

nice stuff man comin along good.seems a bit tall for sanwa, got room for happ in there almost. but looks nice. g/j. =D

Might wanna rethink the placement of your side buttons if you’re ever gonna make another stick. I made the mistake of putting the side buttons at the front end of the side once, and it was very annoying if you ever wanted to sit on the ground with the stick held tightly between your legs because you always ran the risk of accidentally hitting start or even start-select auto-reset. Just something to think about. Looks great for your second time, though.

The primer looks very good don’t forget to fill any wood detail, putty is cheap and easy to work…

BTW i want to thank you Dreamcazman for the Japanese layout that you post, i printed today and the size is perfect… now i can start to work in my new stick…

Best regards!