My New SF Tattoo

sorry dude but that looks fucking horrible

so you got your tattoo artist drunk then asked for… oh. oh, ok.

Kinda looks like a cross up between the DDR arrows and the Pump It Up arrows with a Punch button.

You going for some kind of ‘destroyed’ artsy look?

Meh, it’s poorly executed if so.

sporting that douchey look with a bigass tatoo I see

Wow, that’s pretty terrible. Like, yeah. Terrible. Did you do it yourself? If so, I guess it’s not SO bad (still bad). No offense, but if you paid money for this, I’d at least ask for a major touch up. Maybe even a cover up. Or laser removal.

Wow, some angry doods in here.

Hahahahaha… you’re gonna regret it for the rest of your life.

…if you’re going to get a shitty tatoo that’s going to be stuck with you for the rest of your life, at least make sure it looks good. Shit looks awful.

I can see what you were going for but the final product just isn’t good. Sorry man.

Guess I’m the only one who thought this was a play off of the “failed” SRK tattoo posted on Kotaku not long ago? :open_mouth:

Nobody is angry.

In fact, judging by the posts everyone seems really sympathetic for his losses.

fail and aids

lol at the +

well here is my it is all the original 8 sf cast sorry for the quality its from my iphone

^ At least that actually looks like Street Fighter. OP’s tattoo would kinda give me the notion that he likes to play DDR

from 2004… too bad people think its akatsuki now a days >.<

from 2004… too bad people think its akatsuki now a days >.<

:u: Doesn’t Akuma’s ragining demon symbol mean something like death, sent to heaven :confused:

ROFL :rofl:

Sorry but I think any tattooing videogame art like this is just stupid, when you’re middle aged that aint going to be cool, look even worse when everything starts to wrinkle too. But saying that I’d give props to anyone willing to get a vega style python