My new portable Arcade Suitcase

Youtube video links:

Tank you.

That’s pretty awesome.

Do you have build details?

Dude, that is an awesome design. I would like to see the insides of that thing

I dig the artwork.
You might want to look into getting a Link. It would be a great use of a detachable joystick.

I NEED inside pics of that suitcase! XD

Very cool. I love android and how it has become a strong platform for emulation. What emulators are you using exactly?

That is just plain awesome. Build details plz.

that is so dope…hows the temperatures?

This other build on his page is pretty cool too.



That’s badass! What are the specs & build details?

I want to build one of these so bad right now.

Awesome setup dude seriously

That is awesome. You must reveal to us what the specs & the build details are!

Sorry, my english is very bad :confused:

Board = Radxa Rock Quadcore 1.8Ghz 2GB Ram DDR3
IPS Scream 10.1 Inch
Battery 30000mah USB
Simple Audio Board
Arcade USB board
Sanwa Buttons and Seimitsu Manche.

I’d love to build that thing…

You should sell these.

I’ve wanted to build this exact thing for years, but have never made it through my mountain of unfinished projects.

how did I miss this? That suitcase is sick bro.

Nice was thinking about doing this myself! Any recommendations on small LCD panels with decent performance?