My new game: Way of the Flying Sword

This is my new game: Way of the Flying Sword
My last game was Way of the Canceling Fist, it is in beta now, but I have no idea when I will resume its development, but enough of that! Now its time to talk about Way of the Flying Sword.
It is in very early stage, so a lot of things can change in its mechanics.
Here is a gameplay video:
And it is possible to download a test version here:
Keep in mind that it is very early alpha, the sprites I’m using are very low res and primitive, I plan to upgrade it in the future, and I have no stages yet, some effects and sounds are still from my last game. The arcade mode is very crude, the IA is not good yet and it crashes sometimes.
As you can see, the fighters float in air and control their “swords” with the power of mind. I have only 2 characters, they are very crude, probably broken in some way, but its a beginning.
The system is this:
There are 3 possible positions, Mid, Low and High (they kind of replace standing and crouching of standard 2d fighters), mid is the standard “standing” position. They can also “jump” (sort of air maneuver) up, down, forward up and forward down. There are 3 defenses:
-block Mid (hold back)
-block High (hold back and up)
-block Low(hold back and down)
There are 5 kinds of attacks (I know its kind of too much and I’m rethinking):
-mid attack: must be blocked mid
-high attack : must be blocked high or mid
-low attack: must be blocked low or mid.
-overhead attack (attack when jumping up/forwad-up): must be blocked high
-underfeet attack (attack when jumping down/forwad-down): must be blocked low.
The charactes have specials (performed back, front, back, button), they will have ex-specials and supers (they don’t have yet).

Fell free to give your opinion.

I changed my game and now it has a completely new system!
Here is a new video:
And you can dowload a version here:
The new system:
When a player presses up or down it changes to a plane above or below, there 9 planes but the players can’t be more than one plane apart. When a player is transitioning from a plane to another it is like a “jumping” state in a tradition 2d FG, the player can’t block and attacks are airbone.
There 4 buttons, light, medium, strong and indefensible(trow).
There are 3 kinds of block:
-mid: hold back.
-high: hold back+down (yes it is inverted)
-low: hold back+up
You can block high and low in the situations when you can’t change to the corresponding plane.
There are 3 kinds of attacks:
-mid: when standing at any plane, mus be blocked mid
-high: when transitioning to or from a higher plane, must be blocked high
-low: when transition to or from a lower plane, must be blocked low

Feel free to give your opinion, I’m trying to make something different than just a standard FG.

Why do you finish the first project before burning out on another

I have to agree, unless you’re totally abandoning your first project, to apply what you’ve learned to a new project from scratch… You should probably stay focused instead of getting distracted.

Thank’s for the opinions.
My last project is almost complete, I did all I intended to do, all that is left is solving bugs, which I’m doing in parallel. Well, I still have to do a website for my projects. I understand the it is important to focus on something, but I’m trying to experiment with different FG designs until I find something that a wish to transform in a more long term project.

New mechanics!
-Now its possible to do a hop up or down, to do it you have to jump up or down while dashing forward.
-the specials now are forward, forward+button.
-almost forgot! The game now has dynamic zoom.

Link for the new version

There was a problem with the input detection.
This is a new version, it whould work now.

New update!


New graphical concept

Hi! new version!
In this new version the block system is more intuitive.
high attacks -> high block (back+up)
mid attacks -> high, mid, or low block (back+up) or (back) or (back+down)
low attaks -> low block (back + down)

The elf character is complete now, it has ex specials and super.
The monk character is incomplete yet and will crash.

New version:
For some strange reason it has to run on win8 compatibility mode in win8.1 machines.
And I made a new video:

New version with bug corrections (including the fireball bug that apears in the end of the video)

New version. Now it works in win 8.1, its more stable because I solved some bugs.


The monk character (which is the good guy/hero of the game) is complete now and has a cool teleport instead of the old goofy especial 3. Now it has ex specials and super.

Here is a video of the monk character.
The version is the same 0.57 that I posted.
I really would like some feedback, I don’t mind if it is critics, because the opinion of the FGC is very important for the game development and to know if the it is worth to continue developing it.