My most lost to characters

I play balrog ryu dhalsim honda oni akuma and the most ive lost to are vegas and blankas, how do you deal with these people. and how do you deal with the rage inducing loses? im ready to quit this game.

Blanka is S tier online.

What makes it rage inducing? The only one responsible for your lose is you, if you’re smart, you can beat out any randomness that they throw at you, go back and watch replays, work out why you lost, watch your favorite player destroy everyone and learn to do what they do, learn to use a character that is good against the ones you’re loosing against, there’s plenty of time to learn, you will probably be playing until Street Fighter 5 and then you’ll start winning 70% of your fights. As people in the Chun section, learn the hard shit and you will improve.

Bison, Honda, Cammy, Rufus and many others are supposedly good matchups against Blanka, and there are many characters who have good matchups against vega, including Honda. You also need to learn the matchup, every time you loose to one of these characters, go read the matchup, they are easy to find on these forums. Oh, and if you’re still not winning after you’ve played for a year or so, it’s probably because of your reflexes, eat well, sleep well and excercise well if you’re not already, and if you are, do it better and you will notice a drastic improvement almost instantly. The brain needs these things to process information at high rates, and streetfighter requires this, just like other competitive online games.