My memory card chooses what games it likes

my PS2 memory card saves games like hitman 2 and marvel vs capcom2 but my PS2 won’t read the card with my CVS2 or FF tactics. No sense it makes.

please, I can’t buy any games now becuase I’m afraid they
won’t work

Get a new memory card.

…or if you happen to have a friend with an action replay max, you can use that to reformat the memory card…but you’d still need another memory card to back up your good files on first (unless you don’t mind loosing that HM2 and MVC2 data)…

Sounds like some of the data on your card’s memory is corrupted/fragmented. Unfortunately, the only way I know of to defragment it is to reformat it completely. If you happen to get access to an ARM, just follows these steps.

To reformat your memory card, boot your PS2 with the Datel Memory Manager Plus CD. You will need to move over to the options (left arrow) menu and press all four shoulder buttons (L1, L2, R1, and R2) on your controller. This will prompt you to format your memory card and erase all data on that card.

No FFT? It has terrible taste.

Not sure about cvs2, but it shouldn’t be able to read fft since playstation games can’t use the ps2 memory card.