MY match vids ( help me get better)

Hey everyone, ive been playing about a year now and i think im ok. But as always there is room for improvment. These 3 matches are from a national tourny in gainsville last month. Jwong was there and i got to play him in casuals. Dont be a dick and say you suck, blah blah blah. Constructive critisism only please, how can i get better?
Copy and paste these as I cant get the direct links to work right.

These three handy tips will help you improve.

  1. Get your customs down consistently. This means getting Blanka’s, Sakura’s and Bison’s customs down 90+%.

  2. Don’t roll so much.

Ya A groove isnt my groove. I thought i could counter his k with sk chip. I was wrong. :frowning:

From what I saw, you should try not to jump in so much from a full screen distance especially with Geese. There are lots of time where you’re opponent could of easily punish you with their raged or full meter.

Ok, so far we,ve got
#1 dont roll so much
#2 Stop jumping with geese.

Remember A isnt my groove so im mostly looking for advice on my c team. Is there anything a little more character specific i should or shouldnt be doing? Like is there something im not doing with a certain char that i should be doing? Or am i doing something that doesnt work and is risky that i shouldnt be? I consider myself a pretty good player, but its hard to critisize yourself…

Learn to roll cancel.

Learn some links, and also combo your super into these links. Geese should always combo deadly rave. Blanka should always be able to do crouching short, standing jab xx super.

Learn to bait. Don’t just poke predictably.

Most importantly, find some good competition.

Edit - Viewing vids.

Okay, so far it looks like your ground game is pretty bad … you weren’t extremely reliant on it but you rolled and jumped quite a bit at the start of the match.

If you have meter, go for a super after you land a crossup. Its the biggest hit confirm you’ll get. Like with Geese when you landed his crossup you could’ve went for j mk (crossup) cr jab jab mk xx super. An easier combo is cr jab jab st short xx super.

I don’t think I saw any tick throws … incorporate that when you get inside for a bit of a mix up.

If you have a K groover blocking your custom, don’t do normals. Bison can do lk scissor kicks for chip damage, or the usual cr roundhouse st fierce xx paint x n.

umm… links aren’t working for me…

[vid 1]( CvS2 Nippon (W C) vs Soulblade136 (A).wmv)
[vid 2]( CvS2 Nippon © vs Soulblade136 (W K).wmv)
[vid 3]( CvS2 Nippon (A) vs Soulblade136 (W K).wmv)

the spaces in the filenames messed it up i think

3 tips? :smiley:

Anyway, yes, you seem to have a very jumpy style, which isn’t necessarily bad in these videos (because they don’t punish it much), but it also means that your ground game suffers…you take to the air before thinking of using footsies, pokes, or zones.
While you were playing A, maybe it was just me, but you seemed to jump LESS than when you were playing C. You should play C as if it didn’t have an air block, since air block doesn’t help you when you jump in, it only helps in air-to-air.
Character specific: your Bison relies too much on high risk maneuvers: rolls, 2 hit scissors, psycho crushers.
As said before, your C team has Blanka and Sagat, who are both good pokers. Geese isn’t bad either, he certainly can hold his own on the ground.

couldnt have said it better myself

SC this weekend???

PM me about it

i would put geese first in your C-Team

I’m going to that SC tourney with my 3s buds, I THINK I’ve gotten alot better, but I haven’t played anyone really good to test it yet. Hopefully I’ll win cvs, but Max and Colin will be there so it won’t be too easy. I think I’m gonna use N Iori/Sagat/Blanka.

Epsilon can we not hijack the thread pls? Im suprised you havent offered any advice seeing as how we know each other

Links aren’t working for me either!

okay, this will be harsh at times, so remember that i am trying to help. i’m assuming that you don’t play good people very often (aka just like me), so i’ll try and keep that in mind. so here goes…

match 1b1

sagat vs rolento

use standing lk more. when your opponent did the backwards roll move (qcb + p?) and actually pressed punch at the end, TIGER UPPERCUT. i didn’t know people actually did that. jump straight up and press rh more also to snuff rolento’s wall hop if he actually comes at you, because an uppercut is baitable. KKK hops need to be tiger uppercutted too, unless they have a full meter, cuz then they can bait you. stop doing roll uppercut so often. kcxj has said this before- play sagat like a wall in this matchup. slowly push rolento to the corner, then you have the advantage.

geese vs sakura

i don’t play geese, so i can’t say much. but i did see about 3 openings where sakura should’ve eaten a big fat deadly rave combo, but you missed on all of them. CAPITALIZE OFF OF EVERY MISTAKE WITH YOUR MOST DAMAGING MOVE/COMBO/SUPER EVERYTIME.

blanka vs blanka

throw blanka everytime he rolls against you, it’s free damage cuz blanka’s roll is so long. when A-blanka is doing his custom against you, KEEP BLOCKING LOW. learn how to combo crouching short, standing jab, fierce ball or super. i saw way too many crouching shorts not comboed into anything.

match 1b2

sagat vs blanka

your opponent would do low jumps in pretty predictable patterns. even though blanka’s low jump is so fast, learn how to pick up the pattern and tiger uppercut it. once again, use standing lk more. when blanka did crouching mk into forward KKK hop, press crouching fierce or something, don’t let him get away with that. be careful with doing psychic DP’s, especially fierce ones.

geese vs blanka

don’t jump and roll so much, especially at a raged blanka. combo into super, learn it and do it.

geese vs sagat

don’t jump and roll so much.

blanka vs sagat

hopefully you learned your lesson- don’t do RC electricity over a raged opponent. level 3’s have more invincibility than roll cancels unless you do them super super meaty (even then it’s a pretty big gamble). the risk/reward isn’t in your favor.

when K-groovers try and empty jump in and JD your AA, mix it up. do different AA’s, walk under, throw them, jump at them with an attack. whatever works. and these were tournament matches, so i can kinda see how nervousness played a role. but it seems like you roll and jump way too much in general. cash in on your openings, and learn to combo into super.

since A-groove isn’t your main groove, i won’t get into it. only play characters and grooves you’re comfortable with in tourneys. but that match was pretty ugle. stopped getting punched in the face by sagat, learn bison’s blocked CC string, etc etc etc


Critisism like that ( ie match breakdown) is exactly what im looking for. I even pmed buctooth to ask him to do a match analasys on these vids. Yes, this was my first match in my very first tourny. I know the deadly rave links and the blanka super links. I have no idea why i didnt do them. The more i watch these vids the madder i get at myself. Overall though, am I, or do i have the skills to be a good player?

there’s a huge difference between knowing something and doing it. so practice, practice, practice. and when you can get it around 80% or so, practice some more. seriously. execution is so important in this game.

and everybody gets nervous their first tourney. i look back at my first FEW tournies (aka midwest challenge and evo2k3) and still wonder what the hell i was doing. but then i learned how to RC, do the big CC’s and combos with consistency, and i’m at another level (not that i’m some top player, but i consider myself pretty good).

anyone has the skills to be a good player, some just don’t want to practice and learn the characters enough. you do, you just need to work harder and cut down on the random stuff (like frivolous rolls, jumps, and psychic DP’s).

watching match vids of top players helps a whole lot too. since you play C-sagat and C-blanka, look for mago’s, shiro’s, and choi’s match vids. look how many times they randomly jump/roll/psychic DP compared to you. the disparity should tell you something:D.


I’m dling your vid now. I didn’t do it before because I’m on 56k.

Just finished watching your vids. I watched the C Sagat vs A Rolento one. Vs Rolento DP Him!!! Don’t let him do that scrubby shit on you all day. Like popo said, when he does the qcb roll punch thing, dp him. Don’t roll so much.

When you used Geese vs his sak, at 2:27, that should’ve been a deadly rave combo off that crossup.

At 3:43, and 4:15 you let Blanka roll at you. Don’t let him. Also when you jumpin and land a c.short with meter when you’re C Blanka, you gotta turn it into s.jab xx lv3. That was the main problem I saw in the whole Blanka VS Blanka match, you missed ALOT of super opprotunities. Also, always block low after blocking electricity.