My MadCatz Fight Stick Pro is screw is damaged

As said in the title i had the hardest time unscrewing this last screw and it seems very damaged. is their anyway to revive this.

What screw? Do you mean it’s stripped out? If it’s completely stripped you may have to resort to a screw extractor.

i don’t understand what you mean. what does it look like if its stripped?

If it’s stripped, your screwdriver won’t be able to get a good bite- it will spin, further rounding out the inside of the screw head. First thing to do in this case is stop and get a screwdriver that has a tighter fit to the screw, then push down firmly while turning.

i’ll try to but im scared of breaking the stick.

Take a picture.
Which screw? There’s like 30 screws holding the Fightstick Pro together, and probably at least 3 different sizes/types.

If you’re afraid of breaking the stick while removing a screw, it might be better to familiarize yourself with tools a bit more before opening your stick.

here it is

You shouldve gotten an Allen wrench that fit the hole better… that’ll be a bitch to get out

Oh yeah, the bottoms ones seem to be notorious for stripping.
I had that happen on my buddy’s stick when I was trying to mod it.

I took a dremel with a cutting disc, cut a notch into the face, and used a flathead screwdriver to get it out.

is their a way to fix this, all i wanted was to tighten my stick.

You should try the dremel suggestion since it seems to be the best thing to do. As for “fixing” it, find another screw somewhere or just leave it empty like my friend did.

This is what the self-made slot from the Dremel looks like:

You’ll need another screw once you’ve got that one out.

There are a few methods for getting out a damaged screw.

  1. Screw Grab - there are a few types of “Friction Solution” out there to help with damaged screw heads. Screw Grab and EZ grip are 2 that I can attest to. On the cheap, wet sand and superglue have been touted as alternatives. Pour the past into the screw head, put as much weight into your screwdriver as possible and turn it very slowly, making sure the screwdriver doesn’t jump. If it jumps, you’ll further damage the head.
  1. Drill the head - Find a screw that does come out and then find a drill the same size as the inner diameter of the screw. Drill into the head of the screw slowly, removing the drill every so often to make sure it’s drilling straight. When the drill has gone as deep as the screw head (guessing 3mm or 1/8th") the head will either come off, or be weak. If it doesn’t break off, take the next sized drill up and drill, no deeper than the hole you’ve already drilled until the head comes away. Once you remove the back of the stick, you can turn out the rest of the screw with pliers/mole-grips.

  2. Slot the head - If you have access to the head, cut a slot into it that’s big enough to fit a flat screwdriver into, using a dremel or a grinder. Take care not to cut too deep or you’ll damage the case.

  3. Easy out - Easy outs (aka screw extractors) are expensive, excessive for domestic use and don’t always work, so try the other 3 first. Drill a hole into the screw, smaller than the screw’s inner diameter. Lightly tap the extractor in place and turn gently counter-clockwise until it grips, then wind slowly until the screw comes out. Turn too fast or drill too shallow and it’ll just cut a bigger hole in the screw.

  1. [Last option] Drill through the screw - Drill completely through the screw using a drill the size of the outer diameter of the screw. This will damage the case meaning you’ll need a larger screw or a a new way to hold that screw down, such as a nut superglued into the inside of the case.

I had that same problem and I had to destroy the screw. Fortunately, those small bottom screws are so feeble that all I had to do was twist my screwdriver while pressing on the screw like crazy and poof, all that was left was dust. You don’t even need those screws, since the screws holding the rubber pads are solid and keep the case shut tight very well on their own.

Oh! one more trick I forgot: Put the other screws back in.

I noticed you said it was the last screw, meaning all of the load from the back panel is on that screw. Put the other ones in tight and you lessen the load on the bad screw, meaning less force to get it out/less likely to further round off the head.

i’ve got a trick that works 100% of the time on any type of screw. you will need a soldering iron,solder, and the same screwdriver you stripped it with. seat the screwdriver firmly in the stripped screw and heat the connecting point with the soldering iron. after a bit of heating apply some solder to the stripped pit and let it collect around the screw. the solder will cool and you’ll be able to remove the screw np!