My Mad Catz stick is dying, how can I save it?

Hey guys, I’ve had a Mad Catz fightstick (not tournament edition) for some time now. Recently, I’ve noticed that my buttons aren’t working consistantly. Meaning that I’ll press MP and MP doesn’t always come out. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve watched it in the training room, just standing and pushing MP over and over again, and I’ve confirmed that it only functions sporadically. Now I’m noticing the same problem developing with my HP.

I can’t afford to go out and buy the tournament stick just yet, unfortunately. Is there any way I can open this thing up and try to fix it? What would I be looking for, and what would I be checking and repairing/replacing?

Thanks guys, y’all the best!

How to mod your sfiv se fightstick faq

Good luck bro, and don’t forget; the search button is your friend. :smile:

That is assuming he hasn’t already replaced the buttons.

To the OP, if you haven’t replaced your buttons with Sanwa yet, you are only hurting yourself! MadCatz’s stock buttons are complete garbage.

Assuming you haven’t already, Following the above guide to replace the stock buttons in your fightstick with some nice arcade standard Sanwa’s will bring your stick close to the same quality as the Tournament edition for (hopefully) a fraction of the price.

Good luck.

Open bottom, unhook buttons from the little metal connectors (they take some force sometimes), go to an arcade parts shop and get new buttons, pop those in (with some force on the rim), reconnect (only the colour matters, not the order in which they go), screw bottom back on

Thanks guys, I really appreciate all your advice.

I’ve considered getting new buttons, but I just can’t justify buying them when I know I’m going to pick up the TE stick come Christmas time. Really, all I can hope to do now is get the buttons in working order for the time being. I think I need to check the connectors to make sure they’re fit snugly. Hopefully that will help. Anyone know of anything else I should be looking for in there?

Thanks again mates!

GameShark? Store - Arcade Sticks Parts

mod your current stick to TE Status with half the cost of one.

hope this helps.

amazon also has quality sanwa parts. I have planed to buy an SE stick and mod it completely. Light the lighter body.