My joystick keeps coming loose. Please help

I have a custom built fightstick in the Tek case. One day, when I was playing tekken the joystick came loose, and when I unscrewed the bottom, at some point in the repair process, a nut came out and into the vent it went. Even before it was gone, after a day or two I would need to tighten the joystick because it would come loose. Now, I’ve just finished practicing Geese’s deadly rave, and 2 screws came out this time. I don’t think I should need to do all of this maintenance. I’ve emailed the manufacturer asking what size nut I would need, but in the meantime what should I do?

What kind of stick do you have? AKA: Sanwa JLF, Seimitsu, etc. And how long has it been giving you problems? Also what do you mean by the stick came loose? You mean, loose as in the connection to the inner housing of your stick?

My stick is a sanwa JLF. I’ve been having this issue for around two weeks. The screws holding it to the case come loose.

Is there something wrong with the case itself? It’s properly constructed to hold together?

When opening the case up, is the JLF properly secured with all the screws? A JLF mounting plate typically is secured by about 6 screws, on top and bottom of the mounting plate. At least mine is (although you could get away with 4 if you’ve lost some). Just open it up and check things out. Screws shouldn’t be coming loose for no reason like that. Check it out and make sure things are properly screwed down and solid. Of coarse take care to ensure if your top panel is plexi, that you don’t crack the panel. You don’t have to crank down hard on the screws, just make them reasonably snug.

Pictures of the inside of your stick?

Not sure how those Tek cases are that requier nuts for the screws, but there’s a kind of nut with a little plastic that’s made to keep the nut in place, maybe you should try using those.

They look like this:

You can probably get them at any hardware store, just take one of the nuts you have and ask for one of those for the same screw size as the ones you have.

I’ve assembled one Tek-Case in the past for my brother, and it doesn’t use any nuts for mounting a JLF (confirmed by watching the assembly instructions video just now). You have some spacers, and some 6-32 screws.

Not sure where you think the nut is coming from…

The instructional video is here:
And I believe Art identifies all the screws and nuts that he’s using in the assembly while he’s putting it together, so if you lost one part, you can ID it from the video.

Here’s one.

Weird. I’ve never seen a Tek-Case with nuts mounting the JLF like that.
Is that an older (or newer) model? Or was it modified in some way?..

It’s the S1-B. I do remember the paper that came with saying something about something that wasn’t on the site, but that paper is long gone by now. I’ll go out and buy a replacement nut.

Just by looking at those countersinks, I think the screw was supposed to come from up top, and the nut is on the bottom.

you’re right, who would ever put hex nuts in conical (thus round) countersinks? It’s definitely upside down and is doomed to get loose fast.

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